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Trophy Road Fact Check

CRplayer3574CRplayer3574 Posts: 46Member
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Claim: "However, all the rewards in the trophy road above 4000 trophies are significantly more than what the old draft chests give you, I think its something like twice as much or more" (Seth, @seth_Supercell, 2019). As he claimed this in the video, '2x rewards!' appeared in the screen. Video found here.

Claim in question made during 3:41-3:56 of the video.

Disclaimer: The claim in question was made by Supercell so I limited myself to the values that Supercell places on cards/items to see if the claim made by Seth is true or false. If the value of a commodity is unknown, I did my best to come up with an appropriate estimate as described below in 'Methods.'

Methods: To compare the new rewards to the old draft chests I converted the values of all received items to gold as specified below.

Gold: x1 (base unit for comparison)

Common cards: x5 (based on trade/gold received for full stack value)

Rare cards: x50 (based on trade/gold received for full stack value)

Epic cards: x500 (based on trade/gold received for full stack value)

Legendary cards: x20,000 (based on trade/gold received for full stack value)

Gems: x22.2 (based on buying 100,000 gold for 4500 gems)

24 hour chest boost: 739.3 (based on 33.3/day gem cost of 3 day boost multiplied by the gem multiplier calculated above)

Common Trade Token: 250 (based on gold received for full stack value)

Rare Trade Token: 500 (based on gold received for full stack value)

Epic Trade Token: 1000 (based on gold received for full stack value)

Legendary Trade Token: 2000 (based on gold received for full stack value)

Each unique reward checkpoint under both the old and new reward systems are analyzed for value. This includes ALL rewards on the trophy road including gem boosts at each new league. Additionally, trophy values from the previous rewards system (i.e. 4900 trophies for Masters 1 draft chest) are used as well.

Results: Spreadsheet link can be accessed in the link below.

Analysis: The trophy road rewards are comparable to the rewards earned in draft chests only once the 4525 threshold is reached when the first legendary is received. The general trend is that as players progress the trophy road award eventually catches, and then passes the old rewards from the draft chest system.

Conclusion: Seth's statement is very misleading. Only players at 6900+ trophies receive double the rewards that they would have received in draft chests. Additionally, he used the term 'significantly more' (so maybe not quite double). If we take significantly to mean at least 50% more then that doesn't happen until 6700 trophies.

Edit: Updated spreadsheet based on new information gathered. Will be increasing the value of gems when I find a suitable number, either way that doesn't affect anyone under 5450


  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
    There is one thing that you overlooked:

    Gems value.

    I refuse to accept that 1 Gem is equivalent to 22.2 Gold, and to be frank, as a F2P, I'm a bit offended by anyone who uses that statement.

    If 1 Gem was actually 22.2 Gold, then I would have 3153 Gems by converting my Gold because I have 70k Gold right now. However, I don't and I I can't, so 1 Gem is NOT 22.2 Gold in value.

    To a F2P, Gem is invaluable. I personally prefer 10 Gems to 1000, 2000, or, at some cases, 5000 Gold.

    Do not use 100k Gold for 4500 Gem as the measurement for Gem's value. Converting Gem to Gold is inarguably the worst value that you can get from Gems. True F2P will never convert their Gems to Gold. Assuming that the average win of players at Challenges is 6 Wins, Classic Challenge will give you 590 Gold and 23 Cards (2 Rare guaranteed) for paying 10 Gems, while Grand Challenge will give you 6200 Gold and 250 Cards (25 Rare and 2 Epic guaranteed) for paying 100 Gems. That alone stomps Gem-to-Gold value hard.
  • CRplayer3574CRplayer3574 Posts: 46Member
    I completely agree with you in the value of gems being worth much more than that. I will see if I can find a better value, something more concrete than skill based challenges though.
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,365Moderator
    Edihau did a post on Reddit about this, and his conclusion was if you broke your personal best, you would get around double the rewards.

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  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 758Member
    People who has just reached 4K seems to be worse off? There is no chest, worse reward, takes even longer time to reach higher leagues?

    It doesn’t seem to make much sense, have I got something wrong?
  • CRplayer3574CRplayer3574 Posts: 46Member
    edited April 16
    The bottom line is that we will be receiving a lot more gold and commons (which for many in legendary arena probably equates to a lot more gold) then we used to receive and a lot less epics and rares. The most common resource complaint is that gold is lacking, this may have been an attempt to fix that.

    I highly doubt that the rewards will remain exactly the same forever and I doubt they will get any worse, so I consider this a baseline for trophy road and one that is starting off by giving a few players a lot more than draft chests, a few players a lot less than draft chests, and most of us roughly equivalent value with more gold.
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