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[4000] Reddit Aardvark #Q2YRLU Recruitment

tonyhawktonyhawk Posts: 1Member
We are part of official RCS family. Here are some advantages by joining us:
  1. We are consistently in legendary clan war league.
  2. We have always managed to place #1 or #2 at least once every war season.
  3. Back to back war.
  4. Request is always fulfilled.
  5. Trade token is reasonably filled when cards requested and offered are reasonable.
  6. Regular maintenance by kicking inactive players, this keep our clan active.
  7. Discord server available.

There are 7 spots currently available. People with higher PB (Personal Best) record is preferred.

Joining war every single time is NOT compulsory, however if you participate in prep day you MUST follow up with your war attack, failing to do so is ground for kicking.
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