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Most Troops on the Map Forum Leaderboards

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Were you suprised when you placed a PEKKA and you somehow cycled fast enough to get to another one and placed the second one before the first died. Well there are many cases of this with even more troops. This is going to be a Leaderboard for whoever has most troops on the map at the same time.

Swarms are going to have a direct advantage but other lone troops could pull that off really effectively.

There are going to be 2 Leaderboards. The first one is the regular one and the other one is the cloneless one. The difference between the two is that on the first, Clone is allowed to be used to increase the number of troops on the map, but on the second one Clone is not allowed as Clones are seperate units rather than the original units.

Also another rule is that any attempt in 2v2 is not allowed. Only 1v1 is but all of the 1v1 gamemodes are allowed. So if you want to pull that off in Triple Elixir, Rage, Heist, Race, Dragon Hunt or Elixir Capture, you can freely do that.

You need to provide a screenshot to verify your troops on the map

Regular Leaderboard

Worship the 9 Titans (Golem, PEKKA, Lava Hound, Dragon, Giant Skeleton, Scorcher, Super PEKKA, Electro Dragon, Goblin Giant)
Their card
Obey the 4 Immortal Armies (Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Critter Swarm)
Teach the 12 Titan Babies (Golemite, Mini PEKKA, Baby Dragon, Lava Pup, Sparky, Inferno Dragon, Ice Golem, Balloon, Cannon Cart, Dropship, Flying Machine, Deployable Turret)
Protect the 12 Peasants (Skeletons, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Bats, Critters, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirits, Crystal Critters, Critter Bats, Explosive Drones, Beta Minion)
Babysit the Titan Grandchild (Zappy)

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