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[New Card Ideas] The Red King hires......

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The Red king hires mercenaries out there.........

The "Chakram Wielder" uses her chakram to fight......she can be ranged and melee at the same time......she have the range of a Dart Goblin though her attack speed is slower.....when enemy troops comes closer to her.....she will be engage to fight melee and making her attack heavier and faster....about 4 elixir...i think.
Has an affection to the Lumberjack apparently.......

The "Pirate Crew" is a troop like the Rascals and Goblin Gang.....though it will have 4 vanguards and 1 ranged unit......the 4 "Pirate" is more or less has the health of the Royal hogs...the ranged unit "Captain" is more or less like a Musketeer.......about 6 elixir....i think.
The Captain is the most kindest person is what the whole crew says.

The "Sniper" is a ranged unit that has a charge like Sparky though can attack air troops and can attack normal but not splash the Sparky it charges and shoot it out high damage though after that it will attack normally like an archer.....about 5-7 elixir...i think.
It's longbow is pretty gave him some body pain just carrying it.


  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,450Moderator
    Chakram Wielder seems too literal for a name, like Barbarian Barrel but BB was sort of acceptable because of the essence of this card. I suggest to rename her "Assasin" or "Butcher". About the concept, 4 elixir is the most fitting cost for it. However, the range must be reduced to Cannon-ranged (5.5 tiles). It simply offers too much for a good melee fighter to be able to outrange most of the units in the game. The ability to chip from far range is considered very valuable in this game.

    Pirate Crew is not a good concept, no offense. Barbarians and Musky? This card will definitely always be a top tier card for Fireball Bait decks. It can't be nerf without making the card still viable in the META. Unless, there's a revamp done to the concept. Maybe change the vanguards to ranged troops as well? We don't have moderate-cost splittable shooters in the game yet.

    Sniper sounds like a good counterpush card for enemy tanks. 5 Elixir would have sufficient. I suggest it should be quite bulky like Executioner and attacks relatively faster (with a low DPS) after the fatal blow.
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