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Join PANTHEON, a friendly, adult, 15 clan family with large and active Discord

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PANTHEON is a family of 15 CR clans, 3 Brawl Stars clubs, and 3 CoC clans that are made up of over 1,000 members from around the world (primarily US and UK). We accept players of all skill and competitive levels.

Just some of the things we offer at Pantheon:

- A large and active Discord with over 1,500 members
- Mature, friendly, English-speaking members
- Zero tolerance for toxic behavior
- Two eSports teams
- Regular tournaments
- Monthly bracket tournaments
- Family Clan vs Clan events
- A casual clan for those not into war
- A Mentor Program to help you improve your game
- A clan for those new to the game
- Opportunity to move to higher clans as you progress
- Four Brawl Stars Clubs
- Two CoC clans
- Discord channels for deck and strategy discussion/help
- Discord channel for arranging trades with hundreds of members
- Several entertainment channels in Discord, including Fortnite, PUBG, Music, Casino, Fantasy Football, RDR2, and many more...

While we're fairly family friendly, we're not The Waltons. There will be some adult content and language.

Visit us on the web at

Visit us in Discord:

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