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U.S.S Royale - PB: 5052+ - War Members Needed for Legendary Push!

kevin_nix3kevin_nix3 Member Posts: 136
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Hey guys! Welcome to the thread for U.S.S Royale. We are a war-primary clan. War is highly encouraged but not required.

40 war wins needed to join.

You need at least a level 10 king tower to join.

As soon as one war ends, another one begins, so you'll have plenty of time and chances to prove your worth in the clan. We are pushing to stay legendary, we need players who share our vision. We just hit legendary and we would like to keep growing and stay there awhile. Hopefully you share our vision.

We have a 7 day inactivity filter and a p50 policy - when the clan is full, we do boot out p50 in trophy count and any inactives with p50 after 48 hours. The current last place guy has a PB of 5052 trophies, don't join if you have fewer than that.

When you request to join, put your PB in trophies, king tower level, and number of war day wins in the application.

Our clan tag is #8CQU90YP. If you have any questions here is the link to our Discord where you can reach me directly:

We hope to see you guys aboard the U.S.S Royale!


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