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Gonna let some spider webs grow here until I manage to finish my "big" project. It's really taking more time tan I though


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If you are reading this, you probably have visited my profile looking for an answer to my lack of activity (again...), or maybe you're just some kind of fan that likes to read my stuff, no matter how stupid it is, or you're just an stalker, just as a certain fire type pokemon... Whatever, reading this is a feat tha must be rewarded. Once I'm "free" again, I'll keep working on my next thread, whose title will be "Red king BMed too much", or at least that's "part" of the title...


  • Today is the anniversary of the first human moon-walk. Celebrate!
    July 20
  • Gonna let some spider webs grow here until I manage to finish my "big" project. It's really taking more time tan I though :(

    July 13
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    June 22
  • Emotes are not good to your stomach ;)
    May 15
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    May 8
  • After days being retired, the new update has came out, with my incentive to post here. Retirement has ended.

    Ur boi JcjfkefnernvjenvlsdvnkrvnDaWais is heah! :p
    April 25
  • JcttehTheWise changed his profile picture.
    April 25
  • spicy
    y tho
    April 21
  • Pikasper
    XD Banned with approximately 0 Warnings? Nope u ain't officially banned yet.

    However, lemme know if you wanna get the official hammer :crsmirk:
    April 19
  • TTtheT
    April 18
  • Account innactive until next update...
    April 17
  • JcttehTheWise changed his profile picture.
    April 17
  • Tick, tock, tick, tock, tock, tack, teck tuck... wait... my clock is not working propperly! I guess I must find someone to fix it... in time :crsmirk:
    April 9
  • JcttehTheWise changed his profile picture.
    April 7
  • Spicy's second account exposed? :p

    April 4
  • It feels quite sad when your customers don't use what they request, but I guess they are who decide if use them or not after all...
    April 3
  • Giorgakis

    I created the clan recruitment board and I added the Clan Banner there. How does it look?
    March 24
  • Soooooooo what happened here? No doodles since weaks?

    Don't worry, it's just that the one I'm actually working on it is hard to be made, and if we add that I've been playing a certain fangame that I've been waiting for about a year...

    Anyway, I'm sure the next doodle should be done tomorrow, and after it, the rest will be done quiquer, since they are not as difficult as the one I'm doing right now.
    March 18
  • Yay! New original and creative card! So happy that SC creates such unique concept, a barbarian... in a barrel... wow... no one could think about it...


    What a swindle
    March 16
  • (idk if images work here, so I'll also put the link here:

    I just need 7 promotes and 7 spams :p

    March 13
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    March 13
  • ferrell34
    Whoops, should have PM you.
    March 3
  • ferrell34
    Woah mate. Calm down.
    I know that the first time Community Royale was made, it was one dang of a fun. And now it may feel empty and a waste of time. But it isn't, just like you've accidentally (i assume) stated in the end of the sentence.. it's all in your mind. This forums was never leaved alone for a day, i mean just look at the activity tab.

    Maybe it's about the forumers you've been "attached" with has leave the forums. I get that it's hard to move on from another, but that how things work. The reason they leave is in their own, it must be very important to their lifes.

    I think it's not a waste of time to 'spend' in Community Royale. Without a notice, we grow together as a community and character. I can feel the change.

    So put all your sorrows away, your work has been blessing us since the first time you showed it. Keep up the good work mate :+1:
    March 3
  • Well... this place doesn't feels like months ago... everything looked promising, having a brand new place where we could hide from R*ddit... with active mods updating the site, improving it and eraing errors... but now...
    I just feel like I'm doing the same thing everyday I log in here. I may be wrong, but I cannot avoid that impression. Making new threads/drawings seems not worth it...
    Should I keep doing this? Posting here? It's really a waste of time be here?

    ...or the only waste of time is myself...

    ...I'm not leaving, but I feel like I should... It's some kind of... hope?

    ...even in the worst situations there's hope... just like... back to the old forums... there was hope... and that hope was traduced to this place...

    Aaaaw man... I forced myself to be sad...
    February 26
  • When I though they went out, they came again...

    ...the wires...

    February 21
  • LightningRO
    Whats your xbow deck?
    February 18
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    February 18
  • Carlson
    Congrats on reaching 100 awesomes! I, uh, only have 9. You really are good.
    February 15
  • I've just noticed I reached 100 awesomes... it's just amazing...

    Thank you very much for all of you guys, for showing me that you like what I do here, you are awesome!
    February 15
  • JcttehTheWise earned the 100 Awesomes badge.
    Your posts are what good forums are made of!
    February 15

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