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  • An analysis of Aggro Range in Clash Royale

    Something that is very important in CR is aggroing. It would be very interesting to analyse the Sight/Aggro Range of each card and how it affects gameplay

    What is Aggro Range
    Aggro is a term that is refered to distracting. It refers to luring or pulling something towards something. An example of this is like aggroing iron towards a magnet. In Clash Royale specifically, aggro is refered to pulling troops towards a card that is away from the tower, most commonly to the center of your side, to allow the other tower to shoot to the same troop. The Aggro Range is a circle that shows how far a troop can be aggroed. That circle is invisible just like the attack range, however both are very noticable in a match.

    How much radius does each card have
    Well that depends on the troop and its mechanics. But first let's focus on spells

    Since spells are invisible from the other cards on the game, they do not have any aggro range. However do not confuse this with spell bait. Spell baait is not considered aggroing since you can just not use the spell.

    Even those spells that spawn a troop in battle, do not have aggro range. Despite this the troops that are spawned DO have sight range. For those troops you can check their counterparts in the troop section of this guide

    Next we have buildings. Buildings are completely immovable unlike troops. So their aggro range is exactly the same as their attack range. For example: a Bomb Tower has 6.0 meters attack range. Naturally its aggro range is the same as attack range. So we can freely assume that its aggro range is 6.0 meters. Unlike the troops, their aggro range is visible but only before you drop it on the map.

    Note that passive buildings like Tombstone, Goblin Hut and Elixir Collector cannot attack by themselves so they do not have any aggro range. Yet the spawned from the previously mentioned Tombstone and Goblin Hut as well as those spawned by a Barbarian Hut or a Furnace DO have sight range. For those troops you can check their counterparts in the troop section of this guide

    And now we are at the last and more interesting part of the guide, the troops' aggro range. Unlike buildings, some troops they have less range so they need extra sight range to be able to be lured. but since there are so many troops we are forced to split them into Aggro Tiers

    The Average tier: 5.5 meters
    This is the most common Aggro Tier in the game. Most cards belong in this tier, including the Lava Hound (and his Lava Pups) and the Battle Ram. I highlight these specific cards because they can only be aggroed by buildings. Their lower sight range explains why a Battle Ram ignores a 4-3 building placemet and the Lava Hound ignores a 4-1 building placement when he is placed on the primary placement which is the tile behind the chain near the river on the edge in Legendary Arena.

    The 5.0 meters tier
    This is the lowest tier in the game. In this tier the cards that belong there are PEKKA, Giant Skeleton, Zappies, Sparky and Royal Ghost. Despite being the lowest tier, it functions like the average tier most of the time

    The 6.0 meters tier
    This tier is slightly higher than the average tier. It is not that different from the average tier, apart from easier kites by using an Ice Golem. The cards that belong in this tier are Musketeer (including Three Musketeers), Bandit and Flying Machine. There higher aggro range is most likely due to their higher attack range. In Bandit's case, her dash attack can initiate at 6 meters.

    The 6.5 meters tier
    The next tier is the 6.5 tier. In this tier, the Dart Goblin and Royal Giant belong there. Like the cards in the 6.0 tier, the reasoning for this tier is most likely their attack range.

    The 7.0 meters tier
    This is when it starts becoming interesting. The cards in this tier are the Magic Archer, the Golem, his Golemites and the Ice Golem. Like the previous tiers, the Magic Archer belongs here due to his attack range. However the Golem (as well as his Golemites and the Ice Golem) is in this tier because he can only attack buildings. You need buildings to aggro him so that explains his higher sight range.

    The 7.5 meters tier
    This tier is not to be confused with the previous one. In this tier the only card here is the Giant. He is most likely there because he only attacks building as well as he starts moving earlier than the Golem does. The main difference between the two tanks when it comes to aggroing is that the Giant can be aggroed with a 4-4 reactive Tesla placement while the Golem does not

    The 7.7 meters tier
    The Balloon and the Skeleton Barrel belong in this tier. The placement in this tier can be justified by being only aggroed by building, have a 1 second deploy time as well as crossing the river without the bridge. Despite their tiering, these 2 cards can avoid the usual anti-Giant placements by placing these card behind the chain, like I mentioned with the Lava Hound.

    The 9.5 meters tier
    This is the highest tier in the game. The cards here are the Hog Rider and the Princess. The Princess is here due to her range, while the Hog Rider is here because he only attacks buildings, has a 1 second deploy, crosses the river without using the bridge and moves very fast

    That is all I have to show. Leave your opinion below.
  • (Card Idea) The Armored Giant

    Welcome back to card ideas. I am back with another one. This is a tank called Armored Giant which works much differently than the other tanks as the traditional Anti-Tank cards like PEKKA or Inferno Dragon do not work on him

    Rarity: Epic
    Cost: 5 elixir
    Hitpoints: 2400
    Damage: 170
    Speed: 45 (Slow)
    Attack Speed: 1,2 seconds
    Range: 1.5 meters
    Sight Range: 5,5 meters
    Targets: Ground
    Damage Limit: 200

    What is Damage Limit
    This is a new stat, made specifically for this card. It means that this is the highest damage than other cards will be able to do. For example: a Fireball has 572 damage which can do 572 damage to all current cards but only 200 damage to this card. Similarly a Sparky which does 1100 damage to the current cards but she will only do 200 damage to the Armored Giant. Note that the Damage Limit also affect indirect forms of damage like Death, Spawn or Charge Damages,

    Offensive Capabilities
    Offensively, he can be used as (what else) a tank. His damage is quite low but he can OHKO Goblins, with a higher Attack Speed than a Royal Giant. With enough support, he can be used similarly to a Giant Skeleton or PEKKA, depending on the deck

    In terms of spell interactions, Poison can do the highest damage out of all Spells to the Armored Giant as each tick does around 70 damage and 70<200. Log, Arrows, Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, Lightning, Rocket and another card idea I had, the Thorns will only do 200 Damage. Any Spell with damage lower than 200 will do the damage they already do

    Defensive Capabilities
    Defensively, he is quite tanky. He can survive a lot of hits from an incoming Prince, Mega Knight, Sparky or Dark Prince countering them very effectively, as well as taking minimal Damage from the Giant Skeleton's Bomb, proving to be a great counter to that colossal dead troop. But other than that, he is not the troop than you would expect to defend as he is a poor man's Mega Knight.

    How to counter this unit
    First and foremost, the 4 Immortal Armies (or maybe 3 because the Critter Swarm does not exist in CR) are the best counters to him as they are unaffected from the Damage Limit stat, no matter their Level. Generally things with high attack speed are great against him, especially the Lumberjack as he is barely affected by the Damage Limit. Also despite mentioning than PEKKA and the Inferno cards are heavily affected from the Damage Limit, they still prove to be a great counter as he cannot target air, is slow and lower stats than PEKKA.

    Please tell your opinion below. Is it too versatile? Or is it underpowered?

    Edit: Changed Damage Limit to 200 (from 300), Damage Limit now increases with each upgrade to the card
  • [One and Only] CR Memes Thread


    The Nine Titans will punish those people for doing all of these
  • deck improvement FB vs zap

    I recommend you taking off your Log instead of your Fireball. Running both Zap and Log in your deck is not really a good idea, since they have similar roles. Fireball however has a lot more damage so it synergises exrememly effectively with either of them. Also your Log is low level compared to your Zap so replace it with Zap
  • What do you hate


    Answear is in the image!
  • Stolen from reddit

    The solution to that is to add a trophy infusion to all the trophy zones. This means that no matter where you are, the winner will win more trophies than the loser will lose, thus generating trophies out of nowhere. For a while this was limited up to 2000 trophies but that should go up to infinite trophies meaning that overlevelers will move up and cause the overlevelling somewhere else. They will move to the 6k range while the top 200 would go even to the 8k range.
  • Time to expand again!

    It would be a good idea to move the trophy infusion up to 3000 trophies. This way the standarts will be lower on those trophy levels. Level 9 will be close to 4k, Level 13 will be close to 7k. Between 2k and 3k, the zone will be full with Level 3-6 players.
  • {MEGATHREAD} Let's Talk Heroes in CR

    No never add Heroes. They are too unbalanced for the game. Even if they costed 10 Elixir, they would really change the outcome of the battle by absolutely demolishing the opponent, no matter what.
  • The Spellcaster Balance Update!


    Rest are acceptable
  • Forums Tournament Announcement

    I have already uninstalled CR so I am not joinning the Tournament.

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