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Only 3 posts from the big 3000. The 3000th post will be another one regarding the Nine Titans. Stay tuned.


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  • The Actual Area of Effect

    You might not know but the AOE radius is not the actual stat for the Area of Effect. The AOE radius is just the distance between the circle and its center. The actual Area of Effect is measured by the Area of a Circle formula, which is:


    r is the radius of the circle while π is the well known irrational number

    So let's find an easy target to experiment with this formula. And what is better than the spells AOE. We will only have spells that have their AOE as a circle so Log and Barbarian Barrel are not part of this formula. The Goblin Barrel and Graveyard will also be excluded because they lack an effect that plays around the AOE. Mirror will also be excluded for obvious reasons.

    So let's start with Rocket. Rocket has an A of π×2^2=4π the lowest out of all spells

    Next we have both Zap and Fireball. Both have a 2.5 meters radius, so their A is π×2.5^2=6.25π. You notice that it is significantly higher than the Rocket's 4π meters of A. That is because we multiply r^2 and not just with r.

    Freeze and Giant Snowball are next to the analysis. With a 3 meters radius, their A is 9π. Again a huge difference from the previous one. And I have to tell you that the numbers will be even further from each other

    It is Poison's turn this time. Poison has a 3.5 meters radius so its A is 12.25π. The numbers will go higher than that

    3 Spells have a radius of 4 meters, and those are Arrows, Heal and Clone. Because of this, their A is 16π, just barely less than double of that of a Freeze spell.

    There is a huge rise here. With no 4.5 spell, we will go instantly to 5 spells, with the one and only Rage. Its 25π A is obsurd, already double of a Poison spell.

    And the crazy part for the finalle. The one and only Tornado, the spell with the highest radius of 5.5 meters, has the highest A as well with a whoping 30.25π meters^2 in its A

    I think it is time to wrap up. Leave a post below.

    Note: Radius is measured in meters (m). I am assuming that 1 tile=1 m. A is measured in meters^2 (m^2)
  • (Card Idea) The Armored Giant

    Welcome back to card ideas. I am back with another one. This is a tank called Armored Giant which works much differently than the other tanks as the traditional Anti-Tank cards like PEKKA or Inferno Dragon do not work on him

    Rarity: Epic
    Cost: 5 elixir
    Hitpoints: 2400
    Damage: 170
    Speed: 45 (Slow)
    Attack Speed: 1,2 seconds
    Range: 1.5 meters
    Sight Range: 5,5 meters
    Targets: Ground
    Damage Limit: 200

    What is Damage Limit
    This is a new stat, made specifically for this card. It means that this is the highest damage than other cards will be able to do. For example: a Fireball has 572 damage which can do 572 damage to all current cards but only 200 damage to this card. Similarly a Sparky which does 1100 damage to the current cards but she will only do 200 damage to the Armored Giant. Note that the Damage Limit also affect indirect forms of damage like Death, Spawn or Charge Damages,

    Offensive Capabilities
    Offensively, he can be used as (what else) a tank. His damage is quite low but he can OHKO Goblins, with a higher Attack Speed than a Royal Giant. With enough support, he can be used similarly to a Giant Skeleton or PEKKA, depending on the deck

    In terms of spell interactions, Poison can do the highest damage out of all Spells to the Armored Giant as each tick does around 70 damage and 70<200. Log, Arrows, Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, Lightning, Rocket and another card idea I had, the Thorns will only do 200 Damage. Any Spell with damage lower than 200 will do the damage they already do

    Defensive Capabilities
    Defensively, he is quite tanky. He can survive a lot of hits from an incoming Prince, Mega Knight, Sparky or Dark Prince countering them very effectively, as well as taking minimal Damage from the Giant Skeleton's Bomb, proving to be a great counter to that colossal dead troop. But other than that, he is not the troop than you would expect to defend as he is a poor man's Mega Knight.

    How to counter this unit
    First and foremost, the 4 Immortal Armies (or maybe 3 because the Critter Swarm does not exist in CR) are the best counters to him as they are unaffected from the Damage Limit stat, no matter their Level. Generally things with high attack speed are great against him, especially the Lumberjack as he is barely affected by the Damage Limit. Also despite mentioning than PEKKA and the Inferno cards are heavily affected from the Damage Limit, they still prove to be a great counter as he cannot target air, is slow and lower stats than PEKKA.

    Please tell your opinion below. Is it too versatile? Or is it underpowered?

    Edit: Changed Damage Limit to 200 (from 300), Damage Limit now increases with each upgrade to the card
  • [One and Only] CR Memes Thread


    The Nine Titans will punish those people for doing all of these
  • deck improvement FB vs zap

    I recommend you taking off your Log instead of your Fireball. Running both Zap and Log in your deck is not really a good idea, since they have similar roles. Fireball however has a lot more damage so it synergises exrememly effectively with either of them. Also your Log is low level compared to your Zap so replace it with Zap
  • What do you hate


    Answear is in the image!
  • Why is there a cancel button?

    They do not want to make the game too slow, so it finds a match as fast as it can. And because of this it is not easy for the cancel button to work
  • I freaking love destroying LEVEL-5-LEGENDAYS-MAXED GEMMERS

    Please refrain from using swearing words in the title.
  • [OFFICIAL] Balance Update Live 12/3 - Royal Recruits, Electro Dragon, Snowball, and more

    Absolutely terrible changes.

    Travesty Dragon was a terrible idea from the start
    Ice Wizard will suck at 1v1. Mini PEKKA and Poison can kill him now, as well as he gets charged killed by a Prince. I would rather have something tankier with less damage instead of something stronger with less hitpoints
    Garbarian Barrel is just garbage. Not even worth nerfing
    Royal Recruits should have stayed at 8 Elixir, and get other buffs instead. Maybe they should survive Fireball without shields instead.
    Elixir Collector now makes absolutely no sence to use. Due to this rework, it should now survive a Rocket on its own, since it cannot be placed at the start of the game.
    Freeze will be dead. No reason to even use it. Its Damage addition makes no sence and its duration being at 5 seconds is a handicap.

    The others while they also sucked, they were not nearly as bitter as those mentioned

    I am glad I am already long gone from CR. RumHam knows nothing about balance. #FireRumHam
  • The Spellcaster Balance Update!


    Rest are acceptable
  • Forums Tournament Announcement

    I have already uninstalled CR so I am not joinning the Tournament.

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