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It's ferrell17(2)
  • If Skins were a thing in Clash Royale (I'm bored II)

    sup mates' ferrell34 here!

    Once again, welcome to my hall of boredom in Creativity. Here you'll most likely find pictures (drawings) that i created with MS Paint and effort.

    Today, i was planning to draw something Clash Royale Card related but with "a little redesign"(Yep, a new appearance for existing cards in the game). These 'pictures' came to my mind when i was thinking about the possibilities of how skins for cards should look like. I only made a few, so here they are:

    Musketeer: New Gen.

    Knight: New Gen.

    Mega Minion: Touchdown!

    Elite Barbarians: New Gen.

    Night Witch: New Moon

    Hog Rider: Royale

    Mega Knight: Touchdown!

    Valkyrie: New Gen.

    Balloon: Touchdown!

    More Coming Soon!

    What do you think?
    Tell me if this thread lacks something, i'll sure update it ASAP! Thanks for spending your time and have a nice day! :+1:


    Change Log
    - Added Elite Barbarians' skin

    - Added Night Witch, Hog Rider and Mega Knight skins

    - Added Valkyrie and Balloon skins
  • New (or Re-added) Choosing Arena for Friendly Battles??

    Hold the 1v1 button, the option should appear. Even so, they remove training camp from the option. So... #bringbacktrainingcamparena
  • The State of the Forums

    I think people come here to get things off their chest. What is said may be seen as negative and probably is sometimes, but as long as they're not attacking others, let's let them and people like me get things off their chest.

    Do that in Rage, not in General Discussion if you're just going to rant without good points and clear evidence @Tommy78 . No offense.

    It's good that you have a point of view that doesn't go personal, but we have to remember that General Discussion is a place for opinions about anything regarding the game.
    Don't do threads like.. "i FoUgHT tHiS GuY iN 3.8k" (you know what i mean), wouldn't it be better if you write "Legendary Arena Matchmaking Discussion", and provide healthy opinions and trustable source (data) to start off as your point and suggestion.. instead of "SuPeRCell DoEsn't CaRe aBout Us SMH". It's like a caption of a social media post or something.. don't do that.
    Talking about issues in the game doesn't automatically mean it's toxic. We know what toxic is when we see it. We just can't be overly sensitive.

    Of course it doesn't. It's just how the way of "most forumers" bringing it up.
    1. Insert the problem at the title*
    2. Type insults to Supercell at/as the content.*
    3. P O S T D I S C U S S I O N
    being sarcastic is optional*

    If it's in RAGE, that's fine.. don't do it in the General Discussion.
  • Card popularity analysis

    Miner: He protecc, he attacc but most importantly he suprise attacc. Also, he tricc.

    Night Witch: She prottecc, she attacc but most importantly she distracc. Also, she do great in my decc.

    Skeletons: Larry always gimme the best quality of elixir advantage. Ofc, Larry take skills to use. That's what i love Larry.

    Fireball: This big hot fiery ball gonna blew things up then results a juicy positive elixir trade. To use this ball, you gotta have the... skills :crsmirk: .

    Sparky: This battery on wheels, ain't just battery on wheels. This battery on wheels eats everything that she clumps, giving me those juicy advantage. After that, my opponent gotta watch out real good. Cause my miner is sneaky af (as frog).
  • poisoned arena challenge.

    The match progression might be too slow due to units keep dying on their own.

    But the solutions are rather simple:
    1. Make it a 2x elixir mode. Since units relatively dies faster, then elixir should flow faster.
    2. All units should start to decay not at the moment they are deployed, but 2 seconds after they are deployed. If SC decides this mode to be draft, good luck for anyone that got Skarmy. So at least give Skarmy a chance to land hits from each Skeletons (which probably enough to kill a Musketeer, but definitely not Giant or Hog Rider either).
  • Inactivity Announcement

    Get well soon and Good luck!
    Just leave all the work on us (on bunning and mud stuff :crsmirk: )
  • Fissure (Legendary Spell)

    I don't approve that there has to be the heaviest version of spells in the game. Spells are supposed to be flexible but skill wise. Fissure seems like an all out attack strategy, instead of anything else.

    I gotta say no to this one chief. Sorry.
  • Complain about the avatar above you for the most stupid reasons!

    Your profile pic seems like a Cannon user would use!!


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