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I’d like to go back with idea posts, but this time it’s a brawler idea! I already have the concept that makes it unique, I just need to think on a cool look that fits with the unique mechanic


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Hello, fellow stalker! Nothing interesting here, right? Instead of wasting your time reading this do something more productive, such as checking out my threads...
  • The absurd card image shop of JcttehTheWise!

    Hello everyone and welcome to my own card image shop!

    Due to the amount of forumers that said to me how they liked my card art, I decided to open my own card image shop! Here, I will try to create my own art style, getting away from GFX stuff and providing a more hand maded drawing style! Let me show you some examples of my art:

    Card Idea: PanHead

    Card Idea: PanHead

    Card Idea: Troll (requested by TTtheT at the old forums)

    Card Idea: Falcon (from old forums)

    Card Idea: Rock Wizard (from old forums)

    Card Idea: Bubble Abomination

    Currently done request (on this forums):

    Requested by @Agehowler , for this thread

    Requested by @Pircival , for this thread

    Requested by @spicy , for this thread

    Sooooo... how to request a card? You need to provide me a detailed description of your idea, mentioning all the posible small details, either what kind of creature it is, the colours, weapon that it uses... Example: My idea is about a troll, with red rocky skin, carries a large spike club, has a big nose and sharp teeth and long fangs. Keep in mind that the image won't be done in a short time, on average, it will take between 3 and 7 days, depending on how bussy I am or how complex is the image. Nothing more to say. I'll be waiting for your request!
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  • [Stupid] If forumers where CR cards...

    Sooo I made this stupid thing while trying to fix Photoshop...

    Simple but fun. Of course I can add more soon, deppending on what do you think...














    And of course...


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  • The no-sense sig pic & avatar shop of JcttehTheWise!


    - Your post count must be at least 50.
    - Follow the request sketch, detailed in the thread.
    - Follow the Signature Shops Subforum Rules as well.

    How to use a signature picture
    1. Copy the link of the image.
    2. Go to your profile by clicking your name on top right of your screen.
    3. Click "EDIT PROFILE", also at top right.
    4. Click "Signature settings". The option is at the bottom of the list on the right.
    5. Write this:
      [img]PASTE THE IMAGE LINK HERE[/img]
    6. Click "SAVE" and enjoy your image!
    Hello everyone and welcome to my own no-sense sig pic & avatar shop!


    Here, I will try to create my own art style, getting away from GFX stuff and providing a more hand maded drawing style!

    First of all, obviously, I'll show you some examples about sig pics:

    Example Sig Pics:
    Username: Metagon; blued gray color; metallic theme
    Slogan: Deadly Machinery; dark blue color
    Background: gray trapeziums, also two spiky gears on the left and on the right

    Username: Cholromorph; yellow-green color; molt theme, make "o"s look like eyes and add an alien head on the right and a hanging skull on the left
    Slogan: Toxicity Eater; dark green color
    Background: a twilight on a city, with some green pools

    Username: DrakeShark; brown + gray colour; wooden theme, shark theme at "S", add a pirate hat on the "D"
    Slogan: Gobernor of the Seven Seas, gray color
    Background: ocean with a pirate flag floating there...

    Username: Frozoat; light blue color; icy crystals theme
    Slogan: Living in the Everest Depths, blue color
    Background: some mountains, and some kind of Yeti behind the username

    Username: Pentaguardian; golden color; bright compiled theme
    Slogan: Master of Teamwork; burgundy color
    Background: chip theme, add also [shared creature concept (it could be a card idea) whose body parts are splitted]

    Username: Ragtarot; dark red color; hell sharpy theme
    Slogan: Dictator of the Apocalypsis; green-yellow theme
    Background: add a giant golden eye with purple iris with blue-purple fire on the left and on the right, in front of a black-red background, and two mystical sharpy hands with eyes and gray ribbons covering their wristes

    Custom sig pics/banners currently done:

    Custom avatars currently done:

    Sooooo... how can you request?

    In the case of sig pics, follow this sketch:

    - Username.- your forum name, obviously. You can provide a color and a theme. You are (almost) free to request any kind of theme, either "bones", either "books", either "helmets", either "fast food"... Your mind (and my drawing capabilities) is your limit!
    - Slogan.- (optional) a simple phrase under your nickname. Make sure that your slogan isn't too long (let's say up to 30 chars), and obviously that it doesn't contain anything against the forum rules. Also you can provide your slogan colour.
    - Background.- similar to username themes, you can also provide a background theme, or else provide a detailed description of what do you want exactly.

    In the case of avatars, there's no a concrete sketch, just tell me what do you want to be appeared!

    Note: there's no problem if you aren't specific enough. In fact, the less specific you are, probably the most creative it is!

    One last point: requests will be posted on this thread, tagging you so you get a notification when the request is finished.

    Nothing much to say now... I'll wait for your request!
    TheSpaghettimobilespicyCarlsonferrell34PikasperVengeanceEldritchKnightFalcoNshot33Giorgakisgodcoby99and 2 others.
  • [Fanart] Witch duality (JcttehTheWise)

    Hey there!

    This image was made for a contest in oficial CoC forums, also published on R*ddit, and as I saw that people liked it too much, I'm publishing it here too:

  • [Stupid] Forumer balancing

    This could be the sequel of the If forumers where CR cards... thread. :p

    Soooo after months without any change, we're going to balance some forumers wgich seems OP or UP...

    - @OmgItsEthan

    Avatar change ratio decreased by 13%
    Cringeness increased by 6%

    Sooo many memes! That avatar change ratio is just too high, we need to decrease it a bit. Also, his last posts have been too serious, something not peculiar in this guy. so he needs some cringe percentages.

    - @spicy

    Avatar change ratio increased by 16%
    Wi-fi added/improved

    He remains with the same shiny zoroark avatar too much time! Where are all those overwatch themed avatars? This avatar change ratio buff should help with it. Also, his activity seems to be lower tan usual, and his lack of Wi-fi doesn't help at all, so let's increase it.

    - @MasterCal

    Real life commitments decreased by 18%

    Poor Mastercal, he cannot be active because of his bussy timetable... Well deserved nerf.

    - @Vengeance

    Hog hate decreased by 4%

    Right now, Hog isn't as annoying and overused as some months ago, that should be a reason to decrease a bit his Hog hate.

    - @Carlson

    Emotion giving ratio decreased by 2%

    Despite right now isn't as high as a few weeks ago, this forumer gives emotions to too much posts, there's no need to show that ammount of gratitude!

    - @TechnoGamerOff

    Multi-account creation ratio removed

    This guy has already created three forum accounts! We need to stop him before a 4th one appears!

    - @PAZBoy

    Forum game creation ratio decreased by 9%

    More tan 30% of the forum games have been created by him! That's way too much, so here's another well deserved nerf.

    - @TTtheT

    T count decreased to 2 from 3

    Sincerely, I'm not 100% sure about this change, maybe it would kill this forumer, but I think 3 Ts are way too much.

    What do you think? Are these balances good or mediocre? Did I miss any forumer? I'm all ears :grimace:
  • Introducing... Quantum Cat! [NEW CARD IDEA]

    Hello everyone!
    Note: The card idea concept is based on the fisical paradox known as "The Schrödinger cat". If you don't know what it consist on, then click the spoiler.
    Besides, this idea is though to be more creative tan practical, so despite I tried my best to balance it and make it useful in the game, I'm open to receive every kind of suggestions to the card.
    The Schrödinger cat is an hypothetical experiment that consist on a cat in a box completely dull. Inside the box, there's a mechanism that, when activated, has a 50% probability to release a painful poison that kills the cat, and also can just do nothing, the other 50%, so the cat remains alive.
    Well, if you activate the mechanism, we could say that the cat now is alive OR dead right? No! According to the quantum phisics, while the box remains closed, so we cannot see the cat, the cat is alive AND dead, at the same time! However, if the box is opened, one of both cases, alive or dead, will manifestate, each one with the previously mentioned 50% probability.

    The explanations about why this happens are not necessary, since you only need to get the concept: a cat alive and dead at the same time inside of a box that shows one of the two cases when opened.
    Quantum Cat
    A crazy scientist placed a cat inside of a box to test an incredible experiment, and as a result, the cat is alive and dead at the same time! However, if the box is broken, the cat will be either alive or dead! How is it possible?


    The mechanic

    Quantum Cat (QC) is a 6 elixir legendary card that has two phases, similar to a Cannon Cart. When it's spawn, it looks like a walking box, having decent HP. The box acts as a shield, and when the shield breaks, one of two secondary phases can appear, depending on when the box is destroyed. Every 7.5 secs, the box will make a small shake, indicating that the released phase after destroying the box will be switched, being the "alive cat" the first one, and the "dead cat" the second one.
    One of the phases is the "alive cat", that acts like a glass cannon, moving very fast and attacking with fast and painful melee scratches.
    The other alternative is the "dead cat", that has more HP than the "alive cat", but moves veeery slow, and its attack is unhurried and less painful, so what advantage does it have? Well, due to its ghost condition, it's only vulnerable to ranged attacks, which means that it gets no damage from melee or spells (but still gets affected by seccondary effects such as freezing, knockback or stunnig).
    So you may wondering, what does the box do? In the original experiment, the cat was alive and dead at the same time, right? So here hapens the same! When QC is inside the box, it combines the properies of both alive and dead phases, resulting on a medium speed movement box with quite high damage and attack speed and inmune to melee and spells!

    Stats (TS)

    You would be able to find this card in Electro Valley :)

    Stats equal to every phase

    Cost___|___Deploy Time___|___Range___|___Target___|___Transport ___

    Box phase stats

    Hit speed___|___Speed___|___Hitpoints___|___Damage___|___DPS
    __1.2sec________Medium ________750_____________239_________199

    Alive phase stats

    Hit speed___|___Speed___|___Hitpoints___|___Damage___|___DPS
    __1sec_________Very Fast ________600_____________318__________318

    Dead phase stats

    Hit speed___|___Speed___|___Hitpoints___|___Damage___|___DPS
    __1.5sec_________Slow __________900_____________159_________106

    Stats explanation

    - The elixir cost is 6 to avoid huge possitive elixir trades countering a single melee troop such as PEKKA or Mega Knight.

    - All box phase stats are the average between both alive and dead phases' stats, except HP, which is equivalent to 5 Executoner hits (not 5 double hits).

    - Alive phase's HP is based on a MiniPEKKA strike plus a few hitpoints, to survive the first hit.

    - Alive phase's damage is based on Barbarians' HP divided by 2.

    - Dead phase's HP is enough to keep box's 750 HP the average.

    - Dead phase's damage is based on Barbarians' HP divided by 4

    - Hit speeds are based on Musketeer, for alive phase, Barbarians, for dead phase, and the average for box phase.


    Attacking and defending

    The card pretends to work similar to a PEKKA: counterpush especialist. Taking advantage of the box's ghost properties, you can defend heavy melee pushes if they aren't any ranged troops. Best example is PEKKA-MK combo, so this card hard-counters them, forcing them to use ranged cards such as Executoner. When pushing, place a tank in front of QC such as Giant or Miner.
    Something to keep in mind is that when the box opens it happens the same as Skeleton Barrel, while the box is doing the oppening animation, the arena tower will retarget to the nearest troop, being pretty useful if paired with Miner, even better if the released phase is the alive one.


    The two best counters to QC are Exenado and Minions, especially Minion Horde. Despite QC does no take damage from Tornado, it will be pulled anyways, so Exenado needs to hit the box 5 times to destroy it. After that, if the released phase is the alive one, use melee tanky tropos such as Knight or MiniPEKKA, but if the released phase is the dead one, despite it doesn't get affected by melee or spells, you can still manage with your Executoner or a support building to get rid of him, since it moves veeery slow.
    However, if you don't want to spend 8 elixir, for example let's say that the push isn't too huge, you can use Minions or Minion Horde without caring about getting damage, since QC only targets ground.

    Why this card? Conclusions

    - Offers a new unique mechanic, inspired on a real life concept.

    - Creates an apparent RNG effect by changing the released phase every 7.5 secs, adding a control factor to the card, since the enemy must be timing what phase will be released.

    - It's a cat, come on! :p


    Nothing much to say, just thank you if you read the full thread, you are amazing!
  • [Art] Valentine's day fanart by me

    Hey there!

    Yesterday fininished a valentine art contest in Reddit, where I participated (and of course I didn't win :dissapointed: ), so I wanted to share here my submission:

  • [Stupid] If forumers where CR cards...

    Remember this thread? Have some more cards!



  • The no-sense sig pic & avatar shop of JcttehTheWise!

    @Giorgakis your clan banner is here! How is it?


    This doodle has the record of most time taken to be made, with 2 weeks btw :p
  • Favourite Card Combo

    Giant Skelton + Miner

    My Giant Larry tanks everything and when it dies and kills all the enemy defense with the bomb I have a full HP miner hitting the tower and my Flying Machine demolishing it!

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