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I’d like to go back with idea posts, but this time it’s a brawler idea! I already have the concept that makes it unique, I just need to think on a cool look that fits with the unique mechanic


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Hello, fellow stalker! Nothing interesting here, right? Instead of wasting your time reading this do something more productive, such as checking out my threads...


  • I guess since they are probably low trophies accounts they play the game more casual so they don’t want anyone to tell them what to do. Usually happens in clans like this
  • micsfyuen wrote: » I always don’t know how to handle lightning decks with sparky decks. It feels like sparky takes on all kinds of challenges and fight opponents on the same lane. But when there is lightning, there is very little that sparky ca…
  • Giorgakis wrote: » Another invasion from the question king. This time it is part 5. Would you declare a land war in Asia? Y tho Have you ever have an electricity accident? Almost; a socket released a spark just right next to me, but lu…
  • I mean, Rosa nerf, yay, but… Carl buff???!!! That just ruins everything. Meta will remain awful, maybe a bit better tan the current one, but still horrible. It also pisses me off because I personally loved Carl before he got the attack speed buff…
  • SamirMishra wrote: » No hat mortis: thanks gosh i didn't got kicked! Literally loved this art!! I wanted to also kick him, but just one can be kicked soooo... Btw this confirms that you’re part of the Mortis Gang right?
  • I left the clan months ago since activity started severally decreasing to the point that there weren’t enough participants in war. It seems to happen something simmilar in Brawl. Stars since the FAS band is also empty
  • Thanks for this post! It’s already sticked so everyone can see it
  • MasterCal wrote: » Mega Minion is strong, but doesn't really have any alternatives and is one of the only reliable baby dragon counters if it's behind a tank This. We need another tanky air (almost) melee troop apart from MM and BD. If the al…
  • Rosa was literally the easiest brawler to push to 500 trophies, I mean, I easily reached 460 trophies with her at level 2 before the nerf and after the nerf it was still easy to push her to 500 despite being level 4. How absurd is that?!
  • Moved to a more appropiate subforum Tbh I still don’t know the answer to that, but their communication with the playerbase is actually better than before. However, that’s probably due more to the new community managers than Reddit itself
  • killer wrote: » They are not cheaper, just easier to get. They are still spending more to win. Let me give you two examples from this morning. I know you are an engineer so you can eyeball the math. I am 14 cards from max. My opponents are …
  • Shaggs wrote: » What are we talking about here? I'm lost This is basically about brawl stars, a certain brawler that is OP as fuck. Luckily got recently nerfed, but still fells strong
  • Splash troops and big spells for spawners. Try to beat enemy's splash counter and then make a push with your splasher + tank through the same lane as the huts. Else, you can also rush the opposite lane when opponent places an expensive hut
  • brainiacboy wrote: » love this, but it has swearing!!! This is not rage!!! I considered that since the word isn't that harsh as others and is just a single one, it isn't strictly necesary to post this in rage
  • IDProG wrote: » MasterCal wrote: » IDProG wrote: » Are you seriously saying that Mega Minion is balanced at both Win Rate and Use Rate? You may want to look at the stats. Mega Minion always has more than 30% use rate, even more than Baby Dr…
  • Let’s see if I get this. Do you want players to pay for no emoting? Because unless you are good and active enough to be at high trophies, you are literally spending money for less content in the game. It may look unfair to loose against a p2w playe…
  • ferrell34 wrote: » My bad. I was trying to say that MM is statistically balanced for a card with major role in decks. If you look by how MM was used, it is safe to say that MM is like the "Zap" of troops*. One of a kind card. It's a good thing t…
  • After playing some gams, it seems like the super duration nerf really put rosa in a more balanced state. She may be a good antiteamer brawler, but when Rosa teams with others... that’s a pain
  • I apreciate the super duration nerf, but IMO she’ll remain OP while she can still charge her super while using it, because she’ll be able to chain supers
  • Welcome to the forums! Please post your threads in the apropiate subforum, you can read forum rules in the sticky in the general discussion sub. Now about the thread itself, I agree with you, everything in a drop-down button looks confusing and l…

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