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  • A Guide about the PB0 Extreme Challenge


    The purpose of playing in this style is, to put it in a simple way, avoid 1v1 altogether. This means that you are unable to unlock a ton of cards. That being said, you can still unlock cards through other means, more on that later

    Target Audience

    This playstyle is recommended for

    - Somebody who is late into or maxed out his/her main and would like to start a new account
    - Somebody who is careful with his/her fingers
    - Somebody who prefers things slow and steady
    - Somebody who does not care about going to the leaderboards too much
    - Somebody who hates facing overleveled opponents

    This playstyle is not recommended for
    - Someone who is new to Clash Royale
    - Someone who tends to misclick
    - Someone who wants to progress faster
    - Someone who wants to make a run for the Leaderboard

    Advantages vs. Disadvantages


    - Never be outleveled
    - Able to upgrade all of your cards equally


    - Might not progress as fast due to lack of good Chests
    - No access to Draft Chests
    - Cannot fully experience Clash Royale in general. On a side note if you have another account it won't be an issue

    Importance of levels

    THIS SECTION IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT, PAY EXTREMELY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS SECION! In order to stay at 0 trophies, you must not play any 1v1 matches. The way to do this is by playing 2v2 instead for a while. Because of this, you must always reset Quests if they force you to play in 1v1.

    Important level up moments

    - Level 3 will unlock the last Quests slot and Donations
    - Level 5 to unlock the Practice Challenges and the 4th Shop Slot
    - Level 8 to unlock the other Challenges and Clan Wars
    - Level 9 will unlock the last Shop Slot
    - Level 10-13 does not unlock further feature

    Here is where caution comes in handy. If you accidentally start a 1v1 battle, make sure that you lose the battle, otherwise there is no turning back, so be careful, especially when you want to accomplish some Quests! Unless you want to go up in trophies for a reason, more on that later.


    Cards: No, you do not have that big stack of cards to begin with. But if needeed, you can buy cards since they will not ruin something

    Gems: Optional, depends on whether you want to speed up progression or not

    Gold: Not even worth it. You can get Gold naturally.

    Chests: Not worth it. Those chests, especially Fortune and King Chests are really weak in Arena 1.

    Boosts: Victory Gold Boost is must have, others are not worth it.

    Offers: Optional, depends on whether you want to speed up progression or not. They do not appear often though

    Cards and Gold can come from Chests, Quests and Donations, but Gems are hard to come since Crown Chests are available only once per 24 hours and, they are not very common in the shop either.

    Deck Building

    Anything goes to be honest.

    Card Upgrade Order

    Upgrade Cards in your deck the moment it is possible.

    When you unlock cards from higher Arenas, make sure that they are upgraded as high as possible. You should bring them to Level 9 at least, so that they have the optimal power for Challenges and Clan Wars

    Donations and Trade Tokens

    Always request cards from higher Arenas due to how uncommon they are in your chests. When trading with Trade Tokens, never trade those cards away. Only trade away cards that are unlocked from Arena 1

    Clan Wars and Bounty Reward

    Your main source of level interactions within this playstyle. Since you focus on upgrading all of cards, you will most likely win in War Day matches, thus Clans will be slightly welcoming to you. Non TS modes in Collection Day will also be quite easy. However, this ceases to be effective if you want to be in one of those top ranked Clans, since you will provie less Clan Cards for other players. Rewards are probably the best ones that you will have access to. And Clan Bounty gives access to Trade Tokens and more Gold which is far better than all of the other Chests you can obtain.

    Trophy Leaderboard

    Making a run for the leaderboards in this playstyle is impossible. You will be forever at 0 trophies so forget about the Leaderboards

    Progression speed

    I see no distinct advantage in the speed of progression, in fact it might be slower. At first it may seem like a breeze, watching your resource flooding out of your storage. However, later on as upgrades become more expensive, you will slow down. Given that you will not get a ton of experience, you will stay at the same level for while which means that it kind of evens out the overleveling advantage you can have

    Victory Challenges

    These are you literall saint. They are be the only way to unlock cards from higher Arenas. Practice Challenges are must have for this playstyle as some of them may give access to new cards, such as the latest Modern Royale Challenge which could give 10 extra cards to unlock (or possibly more, I do not remember how many it could give). If you are good in Draft, then you could also unlock the new cards that get released, where they can get preobtained through that type of Challenges

    Transition to 1v1

    There are certain options for you once you decided to get out in the open and gain trophies

    - Ultimate PB0: Continue being a PB0 and stay there to possibly unlock even more cards from Challenges
    - Mega Trophy Push: Enter 1v1 with ridiculously overleveled cards and go up to the Leaderboards, crushing other players in between
    - Clan Warrior: Go to an Arena or League that allows you to get big enough Clan War Chests so that Clan Cards are even higher Level and can go to the Clan Trophy Leaderboard

    Concluding remarks

    Pretty interesting playstyle if you want a different experience, hate getting outleveled, prefer things slow and steady, not looking at competitive play, and if you are extremely careful with your fingers.

    Will edit and update as needed, suggestions and feedback welcome

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