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I have been powercreeped. Even the Top Poster cannot keep up.


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  • more mods

    I can apply for a new mod if he wants
    now that @MathChamp is gone, will @MasterCal recruit more mods?

  • 2v2 revamp

    I see a lot of hate to 2v2. I think this revamp would be nice

    For the first time, we would have a 2v2 ladder leaderboard. It would be pretty similar to 1v1 with a few differences.

    The Arenas

    There will be a total of 6 Arenas in this ladder, those being

    Training Camp (Arena 0)(borrowed from 1v1)

    Bone Yard (Arena 1). Starts at 0 2v2 Trophies

    Colossal Abyss (Arena 2). Starts at 1000 2v2 Trophies

    Royal Castle (Arena 3). Starts at 2000 2v2 Trophies

    Elite Mountain (Arena 4). Starts at 3000 2v2 Trophies

    Legendary Arena (Arena 5)(different from the 1v1 Legendary Arena). Starts at 4000 trophies

    These Areans will have their own cards and chests. Cards will be borrowed from the 1v1 game, which will be completely removed from the 1v1 ladder and will require you to play 2v2 to unlock them (except from the 12 cards that unlock in Training Camp. Those are shared in the chests of both ladders). Also these cards will be removed from any chests that can be obtained from the 1v1 chest cycles or from quest chest cycle. They will be only gived from chests obtained from this 2v2 ladder, chests that are given by battling outside of the 2 ladders (like Challenges or Clan Wars) or the Fortune chest which in independent from these ladders.

    Let's go with the Arenas

    Bone Yard

    This is the first Arena of this 2v2 ladder (if you exclude the Training Camp). This will give you access to 3 cards that will be removed from the 1v1 Arenas. Those cards being Bomber, Bomb Tower and Giant Skeleton. This will give access to new players these cards from earlier, instead of requiring to play 1v1 and go to Bone Pit. Chests that can be obtained here are the 2v2 Silver Chest, 2v2 Golden Chest, 2v2 Giant Chest, 2v2 Magical Chest and 2v2 Lightning Chest. The rewards of these chest are exactly the same as the 1v1 respective chest from Arena 1, however it will only give these cards that are unlocked in this gamemode and the cards from the Training Camp. Victory Gold is double of 1v1 Arena 1 Victory Gold.

    Colossal Abyss

    This Arena is unlocked with 1000 2v2 Trophies. It will give access to Minion Horde, Furnace and Rage, 3 unbalanced cards. That is why they are removed from 1v1. Chests will correspond to 1v1 Arena 4 chests and Victory Gold is double of a 1v1 Arena 4 one.

    Royal Castle

    Unlocks at 2000 2v2 Trophies. Cards unlocked there are Royal Recruits, Three Musketeers, Clone and Mega Knight. This 2v2 Arena has the first Legendary card. Because of this in addition to the previous 2v2 chests, a 2v2 Legendary Chest is added. Like its 1v1 counterpart, it gives a Legendary of every 2v2 Arena (there are only 2 cards though). Other chests have as much rewards as 1V1 Arena 7 chests and Victory Gold is double of a 1v1 Arena 7 one.

    Elite Mountain

    Requires 3000 2v2 Trophies. Gives access to the last cards, those being Elite Barbarians, Heal, Tornado and Sparky. Yeah you heard that right. Elite Barbarians and Sparky will now require 2v2 to be unlocked. Chests mirror the rewards of 1v1 Arena 10 chests and Victory Gold is double of a 1v1 Arena 10 one.

    Legendary Arena

    The 2v2 endgame, starts at 4000 2v2 Trophies. No cards are unlocked there. Chests match the rewards of 1v1 Arena 12 chests

    In this Arena, it has Leagues which are... exactly the same as 1v1. There is a different Draft Chest, similar to 1v1 and it will follow a similar to 1v1. Victory Gold will be twice as much of the respective 1v1 League

    After you unlock the 2v2 cards

    After you unlock the 2v2 cards, you can use them wherever you want, even in 1v1. It is that they cannot be obtained from 1v1 chests.

    I mainly chose these cards because they are really unbalanced in 1v1, either being too strong (like Elite Barbarians and Three Musketeers) or too weak (like Bomber and Clone). So moving them to 2v2, lessens their effect in 1v1.

    2v2 Chests

    These chests can only be obtained from 2v2 and will only give cards unlocked in the 2v2 Arenas or the 12 cards unlocked from the Training Camp.


    After you reach the respective 2v2 Arenas, those cards can be bought from the shop just like 1v1 cards. Also 1v1 Silver chests and Golden chests will be removed from the Free shop stuff and Epic Sunday can choose between both 1v1 Epic cards and 2v2 ones.

    Along with the Shop chests that we already have, the 2v2 Lightning chest and King chest will be added. They will cost a bit less than the respective 1v1 chests because they have a lower card pool to choose from (only 8 Commons, Rares and Epics and only 2 Legendaries). At 2v2 Arena 4, 2v2 King chest is buffed to guarantee a Legendary card, which is a choice between Mega Knight and Sparky, since those are the only 2v2 Legendary cards.

    Also Fortune Chests will be buffed to have the Daily Fortune unlocked from 1v1 Arena 1, so that 2v2 trophyhunters can make the best use of it.

    PB0 Extreme Challenge

    You can no longer stay at 0 trophies in both 1v1 and 2v2. You have to choose one to get trophies on. Only players who are already Level 8 or players that pay money can be PB0 players, taking it away completely.


    Donations will still be based on 1v1. Trade Tokens remain unchanged.

    If you have a 2v2 card unlocked but you are not in the respective 2v2 Arena, then you can still request them in order to upgrade them.

    Unranked 2v2 battles

    I forgot to mention that all 2v2 battles in ladder will be played with a random player. But playing 2v2 with a friend will still exist, it will be just an unranked match that gives no rewards, like Friendly Battles. 2v2 chat after the battle will be removed from ladder battles but it will still exist in unranked ones. Friend Requests will stay on 2v2 ladder battles.

    Also the 2v2 Rematch will change. No matter what, any battle that happens as a result of a rematch, will be an unranked one, even if you played a ranked one before the renatch.

    That is all about the 2v2 idea. It is going to be really interesting if it gets added.
  • The Resist spell

    This is yet another card that I was thinking that should be added in the game. It is the Resist spell. It works similar to Rage but instead of increasing Speed and Attack Speed, it increases Hitpoints instead.

    Cost: 2 Elixir
    Duration: 7.5 seconds
    Hitpoint Boost: 67

    Offensive Capabilities
    Offensively, it is not that good. Hitpoints is a defensive stat, not an offensive stat. Though it still have some uses like using it on Lava Pups to survive Arrows or on Royal Hogs to still connect on the Princess Tower before the opponent uses Fireball on them. But it is better to use a Rage spell instead.

    Defensive Capabilities
    This is where it reallly shines. With this spell, some troops like Princess, Flying Machine or Sparky can survive spells that would normally counter them like Arrows, Fireball or Rocket. However that requires either amazing timing or to predict those spells, which is not impossible since those spells do not connect instantly. Note that it can affect buildings too like Tombstones, Teslas, X-Bows and even Crown Towers. However those buildings will still expire the same time as every second they will lose more Hitpoints.

    How to counter this card
    Spells usually do not have counters but not all of them are invincible. Resist has its counters too. First and foremost the Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon are unaware of the boost and they will kill the affected troops no matter how tanky they are. Secondly, Zap and Freeze have a speed advantage since they are instant. Furthermore, stuff that deals higher damage will still work like Bomber will still OHKO Goblins, even after the boost. Lastly, you can cast Tornado to drag troops away from the Area and lose the boost. Also if they get damaged but still survive, then their hitpoints will go down to their respective. So it cannot heal them.
  • (One and Only) Time Capsule Thread

    It is time to open the Time Capsule for the first time!
    If you don't know what that is, well don't worry, read on!

    At the last week of the year we open the time capsule to post your current stats of your profile. We'll open the capsule again next year to see how your profile has progressed throughout the year. If this is your first Time Capsule -thread feel free to join as well!

    The Time Capsule contains your current status (and last year's if you have participated before) and after a year you can come back in the next capsule to see your progress.

    Post your current stats in this format:

    King Tower Level:
    Highest Trophies:
    Most Victories:
    Most 3-Crown Victories:
    Most Donations:
    Most Victories in Victory Challenges:
    Most Victories in Clan Wars:
    Most Clan Cards collected:
  • Photography thread


    That was taken in Serbia while I was on a school trip.

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