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  • Spell Combinations

    Moderator's Note:
    This thread is announced due to the events of CRL. We hope by doing so, we could help readers to understand more about the game's strategy. It'd be off the board once the event is over. Thank you for your time.

    Here I am going to list all spell combos. All of them are going to be double spells and there are no triple spells here. Also all Offensive, Semi Spawner and Semi Support spells are included. I will also have the individual spells themselves to compare them

    I will list them from lowest damage to highest.

    Freeze: 95
    Tornado: 140
    Zap: 159
    Giant Snowball: 159
    Freeze + Tornado: 235
    Log: 240
    Arrows: 243
    Barbarian Barrel: 243
    Freeze + Zap: 254
    Tornado + Zap: 299
    Tornado + Giant Snowball: 299
    Zap + Giant Snowball: 318
    Freeze + Log: 335
    Freeze + Arrows: 338
    Freeze + Barbarian Barrel: 338
    Tornado + Log: 380
    Tornado + Arrows: 383
    Tornado + Barbarian Barrel: 383
    Zap + Log: 399
    Giant Snowball + Log: 399
    Zap + Arrows: 402
    Giant Snowball + Arrows: 402
    Zap + Barbarian Barrel: 402
    Giant Snowball + Barbarian Barrel: 402
    Log + Arrows: 483
    Log + Barbarian Barrel: 483
    Arrows + Barbarian Barrel: 486
    Fireball: 572
    Poison: 600
    Freeze + Fireball: 667
    Freeze + Poison: 695
    Tornado + Fireball: 712
    Zap + Fireball: 731
    Giant Snowball + Fireball: 731
    Tornado + Poison: 740
    Zap + Poison: 759
    Giant Snowball + Poison: 759
    Log + Fireball: 812
    Arrows + Fireball: 815
    Barbarian Barrel + Fireball: 815
    Log + Poison: 840
    Arrows + Poison: 843
    Barbarian Barrel + Poison: 843
    Lightning: 877
    Freeze + Lightning: 972
    Tornado + Lightning: 1017
    Zap + Lightning: 1036
    Giant Snowball + Lightning: 1036
    Log + Lightning: 1117
    Arrows + Lightning: 1120
    Barbarian Barrel + Lightning: 1120
    Fireball + Poison: 1172
    Rocket: 1232
    Freeze + Rocket: 1327
    Tornado + Rocket: 1372
    Zap + Rocket: 1391
    Giant Snowball + Rocket: 1391
    Fireball + Lightning: 1449
    Log + Rocket: 1472
    Arrows + Rocket: 1475
    Barbarian Barrel + Rocket: 1475
    Poison + Lightning: 1477
    Fireball + Rocket: 1804
    Poison + Rocket: 1832
    Lightning + Rocket: 2109

    Those are all the spell combos with their respective damage.
  • Donations with less clicks

    I can only donate one card per request so it does not affect me at all.

    But I mean why this should not be added? It should and it would help the game rather than harm it.
  • [OFFICIAL] Supercell discusses the balance of the Wall Breakers

    Copied from the official Reddit post.

    Hope you are all enjoying breaking walls with this release challenge!

    Wall Breakers are out and about, breaking walls (but not hearts). Because Wall Breakers are the first time we have replaced a Training Camp Epic, we wanted to share the design process for this card.

    To start, we have to go back to last summer when the first card unlock re-arrange occurred. The goal was to provide clear gameplay to players at each Arena and it quickly began to feel like Witch did not belong in Training Camp as a starting Epic.

    Witch is really good in Arena 1 with no clear answers (she doesn’t die at level 6 to starter level Arrows + Fireball)
    Witch is unclear what she is meant to do or who she is meant to counter because of her jack of all trades mechanics
    Without Witch, the remaining Epics are a clear rock-paper-scissors (Baby Dragon > Skarmy > Prince > Baby Dragon)

    So we wanted to move Witch to Arena 2, but no existing Epic made sense as a replacement. We briefly considered something like Bowler in Training Camp but that heavily defensive / knock back sort of gameplay is really not fun for new players.

    We resolved to make a new-player-friendly Epic to replace Witch, ideally keeping something Clash-classic so it would resonate to new players familiar with Clash of Clans. Wall Breakers was one of our first prototypes and created a ton of fun moments. It’s an easy to understand card that is counterable with Arena 1-2 cards and still creates exciting moments of high tension.

    Wall Breakers also complement the aforementioned rock-paper-scissors of the remaining Epics by NOT countering any of them. 3 of the Epics fight each other effectively, and the only thing you need to know about Wall Breakers is don’t let them reach the tower. We hope Wall Breakers will help new players understand the difference between Giant/tank strategies and Battle Ram/rush type attacks. For example, it’s a perfect card to teach players to Fireball defensively.

    Due to their placement in Training Camp, they were the best choice because of their very simple mechanics – players will receive this card before their first ever live player Battle. I have read criticism about Wall Breakers, wishing for them to have more mechanics. If they had too many mechanics in their design, they would be guilty of the same problems that Witch had.

    Let take a quick to moment to imagine Wall Breakers with death damage (a very common suggestion and good idea):

    WBs would become a better defensive tool than offensive one. Two death explosions of 400 each is far better than Fireball. The best use of Wall Breakers would be as a cheap Giant Skeleton bomb that destroyed offensive pushes
    WBs could have a different attack damage from their death damage, but it makes more sense that they would be the same. If they DID have different damage, their card info becomes cluttered with a lot of numbers and its not immediately clear which damage they are doing (was that an attack death or an enemy-killed-me death?)

    While I understand many people feel they are underpowered at first glance, I believe they will come into their own over time. For experienced players, Wall Breakers are a new tool for bridgespam aggro decks and Miner strategies - it’s pretty similar to Miner-Skeleton Balloon (which is already a viable attack plan). If they turn out to be too strong or too weak, we will use the monthly balance updates to adjust them as usual.

    Next Week: I’ll be back to talk about the state of meta balance, including Mortar and Three Musketeers.
  • [New Card Idea] Make way for the Scorcher???

    Awesome, I like the card. Could you give me its stats please.
  • sup mates' new mod here!

    And another one that got promoted to Moderator. May the Nine Titans bless you.

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