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I sense Master Cal is trying to beat me in friend count. After I first passed him, we are brawling for the Number 1 spot.


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  • A guide on creating a Clan Recruitment thread

    Hello fellow Royaler

    I hear you are trying to build a a clan to be the very best. A good recruitment thread can definitely help you on your path. I am sure you want to make the best possible recruitment thread, so here are some tips on how to make your thread as great as possible.

    Tips For Recruiting

    Tip 1: Use Pictures

    Putting a picture on your thread has two great perks.

    1)Helps other players to find your Clan based on your Clans’s badge.

    2)Provides Important information like your Clan ID, description, and other information to help you find the right member.

    Tip 2: Provide Important Information

    It is a good idea to provide relevant information to your Task Force: Such information includes:

    Name of Clan (of course)
    Clan Tag
    Size of Clan and how many slots are currently open in your Clan
    How often you start Clan Wars
    What you want from a player (card levels, level of player, minimum amount of trophies, the amount of donations you want a player to do per week, how often a player needs to attack or even what cards the player tends to trade)
    Any other unique information about your Clan (for example, if you are in the top 200 on the Clan Leaderboard, have an age limit, or just like fancy socks).
    Clan Discord servers/Messenger groups (when appliable)

    It is also recommended to keep your important information first. Consider using the order above.

    Tip 3: Keep it simple

    A wise man once said “If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it.” It is advisable to keep your thread down to the facts and requirements.


    Example Clan

    Clan Tag:#9UUU9R9C

    4 slots currently open

    Daily Clan Wars


    Level 10 (XP) with all Level 9 cards

    3200 Trophies

    100 Donations per week

    Must attack at least 2x per week

    Must be able to cooperate with other players and speak English (the “other things”)

    Make sure that your Clan Recruitment thread does not break any Forum Rules, otherwise it will result in getting closed or even an infraction

    Tip 4: Make use of your daily bump

    When doing your ONE permitted daily bump, add more than just a “daily bump” or “plz join us”. Some good things you can put in the bumps are:

    1) Updates to your Task Force information (if you need more players or have new rules)

    2) Anything creative to gather attention (but please be sure not to break any rules)


    Daily Bump

    Fun Fact: Turtles are people too. Also we now have 2 slots open and will now accept people with Level 13 Elite Barbarians!

    Read more about the Clan Bumb Forum Rule here

    What happens if I do not follow the guide?

    For the most part nothing. However not following it makes your thread more unattractive and the thread will most likely fail. So for those that have already have made a Clan Recruitment thread, edit it to make it more clear to the new forumers.

    I hope I was able to help fellow forumer. I wish you the best of luck in your own Clan and may your health points stay high!
  • Card Idea: Wonder Guard

    Back with yet another card idea. This is quite a controversial one though.


    The Mega Minion and the Night Witch were best friends from their childhood. However one day the Mega Minion perished in battle, resulting in the Night Witch falling into a deep sorrow. She was so depressed that her best friend died that she thought about suicide. However, her sister decided to take away the sorrow by teaching her necromancy. She did not quite master it but she did revive the Mega Minion. However she noticed that the Mega Minion was as fragile as clones so she asked from her sister to grant him with invisibility. And that is the creation of the Wonder Guard.

    What is special about this card?

    The lore clearly explains that the Wonder Guard is as fragile as clones so that means that he only has 1 Hitpoint. However what makes up for that is that he has invisibily but not just a regular invisibility but instead a PERNAMENT one. That means that he can get literally infinite value in the course of the entire battle or he could easily get hit and be instantly killed.


    Cost: 2 Elixir
    Hitpoints: 1
    Damage: 100
    Rarity: Legendary
    Attack Period: 1.3 seconds
    Speed: Slow
    Range: 2 meters
    Transport: Air
    Target: Ground and Air

    Offensive Capabilities

    Offensively, he can be easily distracted but never be killed. He will continuously damage the enemy for free, disallowing any kind of counterattack potential.

    Defensive Capabilities

    Defensively, he will require some sort of distraction to properly defend so that you do not suffer any damage to your towers. Just do not place them too close to each other so that you do not provide too much Spell value.

    How to counter this card

    Spells are the only thing that can hit him directly. Which means that he is perfect for Bait decks (mostly Zap Bait ones). AoEers can kill him if he is next to another troop that the AoEer has targetted. Same goes with other multiple target attackers (Hunter, Electro Wizard, Electro Dragon). Lastly Death and Spawn damage can kill him as well. Which leads us to the best counter: THE ICE GOLEM. Note that the troop with Death/Spawn damage must be able to hit air so because of this Mega Knight is completely hopeless.

    That is all about the card. Is it interesting?

  • Getting rid of 3 accounts

    Selling accounts are illegal as of Terms of Service. Why do they not pay attention to that, or any video named "x ways to get banned in Clash Royale"
  • Spell Combinations

    Moderator's Note:
    This thread is announced due to the events of CRL. We hope by doing so, we could help readers to understand more about the game's strategy. It'd be off the board once the event is over. Thank you for your time.

    Here I am going to list all spell combos. All of them are going to be double spells and there are no triple spells here. Also all Offensive, Semi Spawner and Semi Support spells are included. I will also have the individual spells themselves to compare them

    I will list them from lowest damage to highest.

    Freeze: 95
    Tornado: 140
    Zap: 159
    Giant Snowball: 159
    Freeze + Tornado: 235
    Log: 240
    Arrows: 243
    Barbarian Barrel: 243
    Freeze + Zap: 254
    Freeze + Giant Snowball: 254
    Tornado + Zap: 299
    Tornado + Giant Snowball: 299
    Zap + Giant Snowball: 318
    Freeze + Log: 335
    Freeze + Arrows: 338
    Freeze + Barbarian Barrel: 338
    Tornado + Log: 380
    Tornado + Arrows: 383
    Tornado + Barbarian Barrel: 383
    Zap + Log: 399
    Giant Snowball + Log: 399
    Zap + Arrows: 402
    Giant Snowball + Arrows: 402
    Zap + Barbarian Barrel: 402
    Giant Snowball + Barbarian Barrel: 402
    Log + Arrows: 483
    Log + Barbarian Barrel: 483
    Arrows + Barbarian Barrel: 486
    Fireball: 572
    Poison: 600
    Freeze + Fireball: 667
    Freeze + Poison: 695
    Tornado + Fireball: 712
    Zap + Fireball: 731
    Giant Snowball + Fireball: 731
    Tornado + Poison: 740
    Zap + Poison: 759
    Giant Snowball + Poison: 759
    Log + Fireball: 812
    Arrows + Fireball: 815
    Barbarian Barrel + Fireball: 815
    Log + Poison: 840
    Arrows + Poison: 843
    Barbarian Barrel + Poison: 843
    Lightning: 877
    Freeze + Lightning: 972
    Tornado + Lightning: 1017
    Zap + Lightning: 1036
    Giant Snowball + Lightning: 1036
    Log + Lightning: 1117
    Arrows + Lightning: 1120
    Barbarian Barrel + Lightning: 1120
    Fireball + Poison: 1172
    Rocket: 1232
    Freeze + Rocket: 1327
    Tornado + Rocket: 1372
    Zap + Rocket: 1391
    Giant Snowball + Rocket: 1391
    Fireball + Lightning: 1449
    Log + Rocket: 1472
    Arrows + Rocket: 1475
    Barbarian Barrel + Rocket: 1475
    Poison + Lightning: 1477
    Fireball + Rocket: 1804
    Poison + Rocket: 1832
    Lightning + Rocket: 2109

    Those are all the spell combos with their respective damage.
  • Donations with less clicks

    I can only donate one card per request so it does not affect me at all.

    But I mean why this should not be added? It should and it would help the game rather than harm it.

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