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I sense Master Cal is trying to beat me in friend count. After I first passed him, we are brawling for the Number 1 spot.


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  • [ONE AND ONLY] {Valkyrie} Card Balance Discussion

    Not only that but she also defies the laws of physics. How does a skinny lady that only weas underwear is tankier than a man with heavy golden armor that rides a horse. This is redundant.
  • State of Clash Royale relating to Article 13

    IDProG wrote: »
    F for me

    No, can't do. "Press F to pay respect" meme was from Call of Duty. You cannot use it.


    I press G instead for respects.
  • [One and Only] CR Memes Thread


    Nerf the Royal Giant.
  • (Theory) France in Clash Royale

    In CR there is a card called the Three Musketeers. Naturally they are based on the famous French novel with the same name. In the novel, the Three Musketeers are French in nationality. So this means that in CR the Three Musketeeers are confirmed to be French. So that means that real life countries seem to exist in the CR world, with France being the first to be discovered. So does that mean that troop cards have a nationality? And which one specifically? Also is the Royal Arena located in France? What about the other Arenas? Clash Village? Builder Base island? Boom Archipelago?
  • The Different Forms of Pay-to-Play Players

    You might not know but there are divisions between Pay-to-Play players. So from now on, refer them as the words that I am going to use here.

    There are 4 types of Pay-to-Play players and those are

    1) The Minnows
    This is the lowest rank of Pay-to-Play players. Minnows are the cross between a Free-to-Play and a Pay-to-Play. The typically do not spend much money in the game. Some of them spend money only once and never do that again. In Clash Royale, a Minnow could be somebody that has only spend for the emote packs and nothing else.

    2) The Dolphins
    This is the next rank. Dolphins pay much more than Minnows and they do not buy just a single pack. They might buy a pack every month or so. However despite that, they would still not spend too much money so they are picky with what they buy. They are the smart paying players and really beneficial for gamimg companies

    3) The Whales
    This is where the numbers raise significantly. These players spend quite a lot of money, like 250$ per month or so. Unlike the previous rank, they do not just buy Special Packs, they might buy a regular one instead if there is no Special Pack. Youtubers are mainly Whales since they can invest quite a few $, since they make money from Youtube.

    4) The Krakens
    This is the last rank. Krakens spend a ton of money to the game. This could include 10000$ or higher, which is something that the lower ranks would not accomplish. They are far fewer than the other categories.

    Those are the divisions. Do you belong to any of these divisions? If yes, then which one?

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