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Only 3 posts from the big 3000. The 3000th post will be another one regarding the Nine Titans. Stay tuned.


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  • [OFFICIAL] Balance Update Live 12/3 - Royal Recruits, Electro Dragon, Snowball, and more

    Absolutely terrible changes.

    Travesty Dragon was a terrible idea from the start
    Ice Wizard will suck at 1v1. Mini PEKKA and Poison can kill him now, as well as he gets charged killed by a Prince. I would rather have something tankier with less damage instead of something stronger with less hitpoints
    Garbarian Barrel is just garbage. Not even worth nerfing
    Royal Recruits should have stayed at 8 Elixir, and get other buffs instead. Maybe they should survive Fireball without shields instead.
    Elixir Collector now makes absolutely no sence to use. Due to this rework, it should now survive a Rocket on its own, since it cannot be placed at the start of the game.
    Freeze will be dead. No reason to even use it. Its Damage addition makes no sence and its duration being at 5 seconds is a handicap.

    The others while they also sucked, they were not nearly as bitter as those mentioned

    I am glad I am already long gone from CR. RumHam knows nothing about balance. #FireRumHam
  • EVERYONE is facing bad connection issues.

    That is nothing compared to mine. Mine is so bad that it literally crashes during battle. And that is CR's fault because after I uninstalled it, nothing was crashing while when I redownloaded it, it started crashing again AND infecting other apps too. Due to this I abandoned CR for good
  • Forums Tournament Announcement

    I have already uninstalled CR so I am not joinning the Tournament.
  • {MEGATHREAD} Let's Talk Heroes in CR

    No never add Heroes. They are too unbalanced for the game. Even if they costed 10 Elixir, they would really change the outcome of the battle by absolutely demolishing the opponent, no matter what.
  • Two Lies One Truth

    This is the exact opposite from the Two Truths One Lie forum game with the rules copied from that game. Here are the rules.

    The Main Process:
    1. Someone writes the three statements. This person will be called the writer. Two of those statements must be false and one must be true.
    2. Another person reads each statement, and attempt to figure out which one is the truth. This person will be called the guesser. When the guesser thinks he has his decision, he or she will post a comment stating which one he thinks is the truth.
    3. The guesser in that same comment shall complete the first step but with three new statements. If they some how forget to do this part, and I have seen it happen in other games before, the next person to post can do that for them.
    4. The next time the writer gets on, he will edit his original comment to make it known which statement was the fake statement. This part may take a while, so be patient guessers.

    A Few More Things to Remember:
    1. Similarly to the original game, statements can be about the game, the writer's personal experience, or other things, but try to connect each statement to Clash Royale in some way, shape, or form.
    2. Assigning numbers, letters, or some form of symbols to each statement would also be nice as it saves the guesser the hassle of retyping the statement.
    3. When guessing, it is possible that you might not know something off the top of your head and be tempted to go to the wiki or other places on the internet. Unless a statement deals with exact numerical values, please don't do research into each statement.

    The first Set
    1) My least favorite card is the Royal Giant

    2) I was complaining a lot when Achievements were removed

    3) One of the badges I do not own is the Post Marathon Badge

    Number 2 is the truth

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