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  • [One and Only] Touchdown Discussion

    sup mates' ferrell34 here!
    Today, i'd like to discuss about Touchdown mode in Clash Royale. I'll like to see the community's opinion about Touchdown mode on it's design and strategy. But before further ado, let's review what Touchdown is:
    Source: Clash Royalepedia
    Touchdown is a game mode in Clash Royale which is currently only available to play in Special Event Challenges.

    - The main objective of Touchdown is to get any troop to the opposing side's end zone.
    - There are no Crown Towers in Touchdown; the only way to earn Crowns is by getting troops to the enemies' end zone.
    - As in regular gameplay, the players that have the most Crowns at the end of a 3-minute period will win the game. If both sides have an equal number of Crowns, an overtime period will last for 3 minutes or until one side earns a crown. The rules of Elixir generation are same as a regular 2v2 match, being doubled after two minutes. The Elixir regeneration speed is as fast as the regeneration in a regular 2v2 battle.
    Source: Clash Royale Wiki

    Of course, i also have my own opinion on Touchdown. Here's what i think about Touchdown:

    I really like Touchdown mode's design. It feels like a brand new game and a good Live sensation, better than Normal mode that is. I also agree with the small team making Touchdown a special event challenge, which gives something special into it just like it was meant to. I think it doesn't need any change, or maybe more confetti and variative troops (as the audience) to make it more merrier.

    Definitely the opposite of what i think of the Design, i don't like it that is. 2v2 Challenge is not a good addition into the game, SC should've recognized that there's 'solo' players in the game like me. I do know that i could just *not* play the challenge if i don't like it, but it feels like a slap on my face. Also, 1v1 Touchdown is pretty bad, maybe worse. SC has proven this on April Fools Day.

    However, SC *does* try to make Touchdown a better mode. You can tell by their changes they made, such as improving the Draft system, Banning Broken Cards, Fixing Bugs and Giving more rewards. I have to admit, there were good tries but not enough. I mean not more, but what Touchdown really need is a rework.

    2v2 Normal Mode Challenges sort of "worked" because of the consistency in strategy. I mean.. there are only 3 archetypes/ ways to destroy the tower in Normal mode: Beatdown, Siege and Cycle. Unlike Touchdown, where there is an unlimited possibilities of ways/ no strategy at all. So SC somehow have to make Touchdown's objective more stricted to make it more competitive.

    Here are some things that pop in my head to make it more competitive:
    1. Limiting the 'Touchdown' Area (to score). Right now, it requires any troop to cross the enemy line no matter where they are (x position). And i've been thinking.. what if the scoring area was limited? Like you can only score by passing the enemy line in the center of the arena. Of course, the backdraw of this is overdefending strategy but we could work that out by updating the draft system.
    2. Configured Deck Mode (like Blind Deck Mode with Fixed Starting Hand but you can choose the Decks) instead of Draft. The Draft System sure are better now, but there's still a problem and that problem doesn't come from the game but from the player. There are players who is "unexperienced" at choosing cards in Draft and that's really unbeneficial to him/her and his/her teammate. So, if there's no deck being superior than the other it will totally make the gameplay better. The only backdraw on this is.. who'll create the decks...

    Anyway, this should be enough to summarize what all i'll have to say.
    What do you mates think about Touchdown? Please leave in the comments below!
    Have a nice day :+1:
  • How Could Clash Royale be Improved?

    Quick suggestions:
    - Private chat beetween friends from the friend menu. Adding a contact beetween your friends instead of using other application or friendly battle to communicate will be a good addition.
    - Special Clan Chest. Holds for a week (7 days), crowns are 3x more needed to complete, and appears once in a week. The Top tier reward is like the King's Legendary Chest but Legendary is not 100% guaranteed (draft and 4200 gold).
    - Leader has an option to maximize amount of elder and co leader in the clan. To prevent those kind of things and make the Leader role more useful.
    - Boosts appear once in two weeks (gold rewards, 2x crown chest, faster chest time).
    - More Boosts. I suggest there's a boost where it decreases your trophy loss.
    - Classic Challenge 12 win reward is a draft. A draft of two options: 1. The 12 Win reward chest that contains 2000 gold and 100 cards or 2. Free entry to Grand Challenge. The free entry to Grand Challenge is stackable.
    - Adds a member duration stats for Clan (Clan viewable only, strangers can't see including your friends from outside your clan). Ex: if there's a member with a status of Elder in that Clan for 14 days, it will be written 14 days besides it's status. Helpful for Leaders to keep track of his/her members without any interfere.
    - Of course, frequent-wise balance changes.
  • New (or Re-added) Choosing Arena for Friendly Battles??

    Hold the 1v1 button, the option should appear. Even so, they remove training camp from the option. So... #bringbacktrainingcamparena

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