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  • [New Card Idea] A new rider in the sky!!

    Might look abit quirky, but a new air win condition sounds nice. Stick with the 6 elixir cost, so the chances for it to be a par with Lavahound is near non-existent.

    Would be nice if the Wyvern had less sight range than regular building targeters, so the card would seem to synergy with itself more.
  • [Suggestion] The Ladder-Friendly May Balance Changes

    Alright here goes the review:


    1. Arrows -> DISAGREE
    - Increase CT Damage to 42.5% from 36.5% (of total damage)
    - Increase Projectile speed

    Despite the buff idea is good on paper, it has the problem of not keeping spell stats similar to each other (which also happens with other suggestions here). It's a bit weird having all spells escept earthquake with 35% daage reduction, but then a common spell has more damage. I think we should follow the same balance filosophy as Seth to make realistic suggestions, so we should just keep the speed buff.
    An interesting alternative could be buffing its damage to make them more versatile, but also increasing Archers' HP so they don't die with new Arrows.
    Hmmm. I see. But wouldn't then their HP (archers) exceeds Mega Minion's damage? Current Archer's HP is 252, where MM's damage is 258. Increasing Archers HP by 6% (to compensate the buff above) would definitely suprass it.

    The current condition MM is balanced both on WR and UR. Any buff or nerf to it would ruin that, including it's major interactions.

    So IMO buffing it's CT damage is the most realistic option so far.
    3. Royal Recruits -> DISAGREE
    - Faster Hitspeed by 0.2 sec (from 1.3 to 1.1 sec; DPS +18%)
    - Increase Mass

    TOO MUCH. 18% is extreme, even for an apparently dead card, and I say apparently because I think RR is one of those cards that you rarely see, but when you see them, they wreck you if you lack of good answers. I'm fine with the mass increase, but by know let's leave their stats untouched, they are already decent with DPS, and a mass increase Will make them more viable against fast win cons.
    Believe me, but +18% DPS increase for Recruits isn't extreme. +18% DPS increase for a Recruit is equivalent to +14 points of DPS. Meaning the total of DPS increase of every Recruit is about +84, which is like adding a Goblin into the group.

    But given by the fact that most cases there can only be upto 4 recruits in one lane, where their total DPS increase is +56, it's just like adding a Skeleton into it. And even with the buff, they (4 Recruits) haven't exceeded Barbarians' DPS (the card).

    So IMO it is fair for them to have at least 4/5 of Barbarians power (in one lane) for the high cost. Especially considering that currently they are just a niche card.
    4. Tombstone -> DISAGREE
    - Faster Spawn Speed by 0.1 sec (Total Skeleton +1 if unharmed)
    - Increase Hitpoints by 10%

    The reason why Tombstone is not popular right now is because the deck where ir was used, Graveyard, is not too viable right now with poison 's popularity. Tombstone can be already annoying on defense without Poison, so I think it's better to nerf Poison a bit to bring back Graveyard to the meta.

    Tombstone isn't just used in Graveyard Control decks, but XBow control and Hog control decks as well. But i agree that the reason Tombstone was ditched in the META because of Poison (and Spam).

    However, considering Poison is in a tight competition with Fireball and Spam has been an overused element in the META, that's why Tombstone should be needing this buff. Bonus points since it'll interest more low arena players to use it as a progression card.

    Witch -> DISAGREE
    - Remove death spawn Skeletons
    - Add ability to auto-summon Skeletons when Hitpoints is low enough (summons 3 skeletons, one time use)

    Honestly, I don't see the point of your suggestion. Appart from being more complex, it literally just moves the death spawn to low HP, which only affects when a ranged troop kills her and has another target near, so it cannot target the skellies. I also think that death damage is too annoying, but I think witch's rework should adress her annoying stuff, as RG.

    Witch is not too versatile because of low damage for 5 elixir, and it's a headache to deal with without a splasher because of her HP and constant spawn.
    I think the current sawn rate is fine, but HP is too much. It was initially increased to give more use to lightning, but it already found its use against other cards such as Edrag or Furnace/IT. So my proposal is to reduce her elixir cost to 4 while reducing her HP, just enough to be killed with Fireball + Zap. On this way, she'll be more versatile while being less annoying.
    Well, mechanically it seems more complex. But i think it would look more "natural" on field. Especially to beginners. I mean, on the long run, it would seem as if it is time for her to spawn her skeletons although it was caused by this ability.

    About your concern of her capabilities being buffed with an ally, it is actually rather nerfed. As the range troop will now target the skellies with this change. Not the opposite. In fact, what you have concern is actually their (range troops) current interaction with Witches.

    Also, you missed the point where her "emergency skeletons" can be wasted if you "spell" her (enough to bring her hp low enough) while she is on the enemy side. As she releases them back there and wouldn't carry them anymore (like the current Witch we have now). I hope my reasons are good enough to explain the change.

    But your idea is also pretty good. I'll stick it up to the thread.
    Mortar -> DISAGREE
    - Add ability to highlight the unit it is targeting (the highlight can only be seen by the user, his or her 2v2 partner, and spectators)

    This is a bit too complex to implement as a common card. I think the current Mortar animation already gives enough hints to know what's targeting. Btw, I cannot confirm this is still a thing, but Mortar is a top tier card in high Ladder.
    Mortar indeed is a top tier card, but it isn't a widely used card in all reasonable range.

    As i have explained, Mortar isn't getting any stronger with this change and become more popular in high ladder. But with this change, it will become more recognizeable in other ranges of ladder.

    I don't think flickering the shades of the unit it is targeting is a complex mechanic (like the warning sign that appears on enemy units when you try to deploy a troop near them).
    I MISSED (appart from the cards I mentioned in some reviews):

    Dark Prince

    I think this guy should be an alternative for Valkyrie, but he doesn't offer too much advantages appart from charge. IMO his range should match with the Prince to make him more viable when defending.


    Currently, specially with new Earthquake, Pump rarelly cannot be countered. I think it should be able to show up again as the first card in deck rotation, and/or reduce its cost back to 5 elixir, for more versatility.


    I guess you didn't mentioned these guys because they are a pain to balance, but I had to mention them right? :/
    I was thinking to include Dark Prince in the changes. In fact, i had prepared explanations for it. But apparently it is againts with my direction for these changes. So i had to scratch him out of the list.

    But i'll stick up your idea since fortunately it is better than my idea back then :crsmirk:

    About Pump and EBarbs, it is hard to discuss such fundamentally broken cards together with other cards. It is possible to balance them for sure, but i'd prefer to do it on each of their respective threads.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback @JcttehTheWise ! I'll look forward to your next one ;)
  • [New Card Idea] A goblin that is interested in machines....

    I think the Legendary status is too much for such concept, similiar to how Wall Breakers *is* EPIC. No offense.

    But i think, despite being generally unappealing, this card concept has potential. To improve it, i suggest that the "machine" the Goblin rides aims for buildings (which carries the entire unit) while the Goblin stabs any air unit nearby (like Spear Goblins on Goblin Giant, but melee).
  • [New Card Idea] Beautiful and Dangerous

    I have one question:
    D1Nonline wrote: »
    when it launch off it has no damage but when its fading away it starts dealing some damage in a wide area with a 2 seconds duration
    Does this indicate to the fireworks spark (that leaves like a tail)? Or to the fireworks itself?

    If it's case number 1, then it's like a poisonous Magic Archer. Like, imagine that every tile that the Magic Archer's arrow travels turns into a poisonous area. If that so, then that's pretty cool.

    But if it's case number 2, then it's a Mortar with postponed damage. Might be underwhelming unless the area of effect is pretty big plus with realiable DPS.
  • Anybody else had a problem with this deck?

    Moved to a more suitable subforum.

    PEKKA Bridge Spam is known as a strong and super flexible deck due to all of it's cards being both menacing and realiable on their own without being a problem as a deck.

    The only weakness to this deck is simple, yet effective but pretty difficult to execute and that is by playing the match for not losing it.

    As you can see, PEKKA Bridge Spam hits hard as a counterpush or punishes you alot for overcommitting.

    "What happens if you didn't do the first move?"
    Here is what's gonna happen: there will be no counterpush and no overcommitting to be advantaged by them to win the game.

    "But wouldn't that prove that their deck is unstoppable? Since you literally have to aim for a draw."
    Actually, since their counter is enemies that prepares to draw the match proves that their deck can be stopped. Just like you said above, you win againts 10% of enemies that uses this deck because they screwed up. But in reality, the reason you lose to 90% of them it's because you screwed up.

    "How do they screw up?"
    By doing the first move.

    PEKKA Bridge Spam is a super annoying deck and it does need some small fixing. But it isn't unstoppable or require that many special cards to counter it.

    Golem NW can win the match if the enemy overcommits; Royal Giant can win the match if the enemy was shuffled left to right without giving any chance to land any devastating damage; Lavaloon can win the match if the enemy was suprised at the right time (Spells in Lavaloon can be suprising, since Poison, Fireball, Lightning, etc. fits); etc.

    It's not like the Beta Night Witch decks, where there are literally no good counters except for the NW deck itself.

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