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It's ferrell17(2)
  • [New Card Idea] Beautiful and Dangerous

    I have one question:
    D1Nonline wrote: »
    when it launch off it has no damage but when its fading away it starts dealing some damage in a wide area with a 2 seconds duration
    Does this indicate to the fireworks spark (that leaves like a tail)? Or to the fireworks itself?

    If it's case number 1, then it's like a poisonous Magic Archer. Like, imagine that every tile that the Magic Archer's arrow travels turns into a poisonous area. If that so, then that's pretty cool.

    But if it's case number 2, then it's a Mortar with postponed damage. Might be underwhelming unless the area of effect is pretty big plus with realiable DPS.
  • Anybody else had a problem with this deck?

    Moved to a more suitable subforum.

    PEKKA Bridge Spam is known as a strong and super flexible deck due to all of it's cards being both menacing and realiable on their own without being a problem as a deck.

    The only weakness to this deck is simple, yet effective but pretty difficult to execute and that is by playing the match for not losing it.

    As you can see, PEKKA Bridge Spam hits hard as a counterpush or punishes you alot for overcommitting.

    "What happens if you didn't do the first move?"
    Here is what's gonna happen: there will be no counterpush and no overcommitting to be advantaged by them to win the game.

    "But wouldn't that prove that their deck is unstoppable? Since you literally have to aim for a draw."
    Actually, since their counter is enemies that prepares to draw the match proves that their deck can be stopped. Just like you said above, you win againts 10% of enemies that uses this deck because they screwed up. But in reality, the reason you lose to 90% of them it's because you screwed up.

    "How do they screw up?"
    By doing the first move.

    PEKKA Bridge Spam is a super annoying deck and it does need some small fixing. But it isn't unstoppable or require that many special cards to counter it.

    Golem NW can win the match if the enemy overcommits; Royal Giant can win the match if the enemy was shuffled left to right without giving any chance to land any devastating damage; Lavaloon can win the match if the enemy was suprised at the right time (Spells in Lavaloon can be suprising, since Poison, Fireball, Lightning, etc. fits); etc.

    It's not like the Beta Night Witch decks, where there are literally no good counters except for the NW deck itself.
  • poisoned arena challenge.

    The match progression might be too slow due to units keep dying on their own.

    But the solutions are rather simple:
    1. Make it a 2x elixir mode. Since units relatively dies faster, then elixir should flow faster.
    2. All units should start to decay not at the moment they are deployed, but 2 seconds after they are deployed. If SC decides this mode to be draft, good luck for anyone that got Skarmy. So at least give Skarmy a chance to land hits from each Skeletons (which probably enough to kill a Musketeer, but definitely not Giant or Hog Rider either).
  • [Card Idea] Zap Spirit

    it is just slightly op. another idea is to change rarity to rare.

    I think we're on different sides here. The reason i think that Zap Spirit is balanced it is because:
    1. Compare to the Ice Spirit, Zap Spirit immobilize targets 3x less. Which is 0.5 sec, where Ice Spirit freezes for 1.5 sec.
    2. Again compare to the Ice Spirit, Zap Spirit does not deal area damage. Which are weak to swarms, the usual use of spirits.
    3. Zap Spirit is way less offensive than Ice Spirit since the enemy could benefit Zap spirit chain damage to activate KT.

    Gladly, Zap Spirit does have other things that compensate it while still keeping it worth the buck, no more no less. Which are:
    1. Zap Spirit deals much more damage. You know what damage does.
    2. Zap Spirit is way more flexible in defense againts Beatdown situations. Rather simply swarm pushes or swarmed tanks.
    3. Unzappable Goblin Barrel counter for lower cost. Goblin Barrel suprisingly can determine the qualities of a low cost card.

    Note: i'm not trying to say that this card is balanced because it has 3 weakness and 3 advantages compared to Ice Spirit. What i am trying to say is Zap Spirit is more like a defensive Ice Spirit that works better againts single units.
  • [New Card Idea] a storm is coming with this Duo

    Might be abit underwhelming conceptlly and too side dependant (if their position is horizontal, which is splittable, unless if they spawn vertically but that would make them even weaker).

    However, i think it would be an interesting card if these spirits can still initiate their effects when killed, instead only at after jumping on their targets. As balancing, they should spawn vertically with the Gust Spirit at the front.

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