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  • Spell Combinations

    This thread might be handy for the upcoming CRL challenge. I'll stick this thread once it starts.

    According to deckshoppro, these are the top 5 spell combos in the current META:

    1. Barbarian Barrel + Poison (8 out of 23 decks)
    Total Damage: 843 (or more).
    Total CT Damage: 216 (or more).
    Kills Witch and Bandit. One more swing from the Barb kills Ice Golem, an Elite Barb, and Tesla.

    2. Fireball + Log (3 out of 23 decks)
    Total Damage: 812.
    Total CT Damage: 285.
    Same as above.

    3. Snowball + Poison (2 out of 23 decks)
    Total Damage: 759.
    Total CT Damage: 272.
    Kills Battle Ram, Night Witch, and Cannon but not anything above.

    4. Zap + Poison (2 out of 23 decks, lower rating)
    Total Damage: 759.
    Total CT Damage: 272.
    Same as above.

    5. Fireball + Zap (1 out of 23 decks, more popular)
    Total Damage: 731.
    Total CT Damage: 257.
    Knocks Cannon Cart's shield or kills it when shieldless. Cannot kill anything above.
  • Donations with less clicks

    MasterCal wrote: »
    I'm not 100% sure but can you press and hold on one donation until the eight cards are donated?

    You are right. You can hold the donation button to donate all 8 cards gradually.

    I'll highlight this to the thread.

    In my book, the ability of spawning units on target is a very powerful ability. Which must be high costed, and would be strategically broken.

    That being said, the concept of Goblin Mortar will be fundamentally broken (similiar to beta Spawners). Unless it is tweaked somehow by preventing the massive value potential this card has without killing the card.

    I'm thinking.. the goblins should only spawn if the targets died on impact or in other words, there are no enemy units nearby the projectile after it lands. This way, it won't be a "dirtier" Mortar as long as the DPS does not suprasses Mortar. Also, make the projectile homing towards targets.
  • poisoned arena challenge.

    The match progression might be too slow due to units keep dying on their own.

    But the solutions are rather simple:
    1. Make it a 2x elixir mode. Since units relatively dies faster, then elixir should flow faster.
    2. All units should start to decay not at the moment they are deployed, but 2 seconds after they are deployed. If SC decides this mode to be draft, good luck for anyone that got Skarmy. So at least give Skarmy a chance to land hits from each Skeletons (which probably enough to kill a Musketeer, but definitely not Giant or Hog Rider either).
  • sup mates' new mod here!

    sup mates' ferrell34 here!
    recently, i've been picked to be responsible as a moderator in this forum. So in this thread, i would like to say two things for you mates:

    1. Don't be afraid to criticize my threads. I'm not gonna round-Bun you with my hammer cause' you said something wrong about my thread. It's not because i'm open minded, but because it's an obligation of every man on duty. Unless you "somehow" cross the line.
    2. I've been involved in this forums for over 2 years, and i should show my appreciation. Luckily, i was chosen for this spot.

    So from now on, along with @JcttehTheWise, i shall rise my Bun Hammer and smite dark peasants that ruins our forums!!1!

    and also i'd bring some R*ddit stuffs here, so you won't have to cross the stinky dark valley besides it. Which one? The one that doesn't sound like it's from R*ddit.

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