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  • The absurd card image shop of JcttehTheWise!

    Hello everyone and welcome to my own card image shop!

    Due to the amount of forumers that said to me how they liked my card art, I decided to open my own card image shop! Here, I will try to create my own art style, getting away from GFX stuff and providing a more hand maded drawing style! Let me show you some examples of my art:

    Card Idea: PanHead

    Card Idea: PanHead

    Card Idea: Troll (requested by TTtheT at the old forums)

    Card Idea: Falcon (from old forums)

    Card Idea: Rock Wizard (from old forums)

    Card Idea: Bubble Abomination

    Currently done request (on this forums):

    Requested by @Agehowler , for this thread

    Requested by @Pircival , for this thread

    Requested by @spicy , for this thread

    Sooooo... how to request a card? You need to provide me a detailed description of your idea, mentioning all the posible small details, either what kind of creature it is, the colours, weapon that it uses... Example: My idea is about a troll, with red rocky skin, carries a large spike club, has a big nose and sharp teeth and long fangs. Keep in mind that the image won't be done in a short time, on average, it will take between 3 and 7 days, depending on how bussy I am or how complex is the image. Nothing more to say. I'll be waiting for your request!
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