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I’d like to go back with idea posts, but this time it’s a brawler idea! I already have the concept that makes it unique, I just need to think on a cool look that fits with the unique mechanic


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  • Just reached 5300 trophies with Goblin Giant Sparky (level 11-12 cards), ask anything about it!

    micsfyuen wrote: »
    I always don’t know how to handle lightning decks with sparky decks.

    It feels like sparky takes on all kinds of challenges and fight opponents on the same lane. But when there is lightning, there is very little that sparky can do. The worst thing is that lightning is often the last card that opponent reveals, sometimes it is already too late to change any strategy when lightning is shown.

    Please teach me how you handle a typical RG Furnace Lightning deck like:
    Baby Dragon

    Also what do you do when you see:
    NW+LJ+BabyDragon, obvious sign for a Golem deck, but you have no idea what big spell he has.

    Also of course Lavahound.

    Facing Royal Giant is hard, specially with lightning. Summarizing, Lightning matchups can we won if you don’t let your opponent use it, for example, by attacking the opposite lane to force defense.
    Furnace (and any building in general) matchups I mostly rely on fireballing them, of course taking the highest value possible. Also it’s key to always save a card to absorb/kill fire spirits on defense so you can use swarm, while at the same time you still save another one to Baby Dragon, unless you know it’s not gonna be supported with RG.

    Now going into details against Royal Giant:

    Basically consist on using air swarm (ground swarm is useless since everyone brings Barb Barrel) during the first two minutes, and predicting Royal Giants preplanting Sparky at double elixir.
    There are two types of RG players:

    1. They build their pushes from the back, placing support behind king tower or using remaining defense. These are easier to predict, so will be easier to deal with at double elixir but a pain before that. Just make sure your tower doesn’t get too much damage until double elixir. If they also use Lightning, I use the strategy stated above (unless I know they are low on elixir).

    2. They place Royal Giant directly on the bridge and then just 1 or 2 support cards. Now these are harder to predict. As a result, most of the time I rely on my air defense instead of Sparky. Anyways, the best moment to place Sparky is when you know they have already Royal Giant in hand, AKA when they used 4 cards after using Royal Giant. If they have Lightning, better just don’t use Sparky.

    Now when counterpushing, it’s also key to predict what card is the opponent gonna use. If you expect guards, pair the push with minions. If you expect Ewiz, pair the push with Megaminion or Ewiz. If you expect both, pair with both as well, but placing Minions a bit further so they don’t be damaged by Ewiz spawn zap. These flying troops should also deal well with the ghost.

    Now talking about golem.
    I usually try to place my Ewiz and Megaminion near the tower before showing Sparky to know the big spell. After that, I apply pretty the same thing with type 1 RG players, with some differences:

    - Save fireball to hit ALL the support. This means summon it a bit later than the first support is crossing the bridge, so opponent place the rest and you can deny their HP a lot to finish them of with swarm and Megaminion

    - I usually try to place Sparky closer to the bridge so she can start blasting the Golem sooner. Placing her on the back usually results on the big guy reaching the tower and dealing massive damage with just the death explosion.

    - If I see my defense doesn’t manage to survive for a counterpush for a while, I try to invest less elixir on defense to a surprise push on opposite lane, but this just works if the tower is already damaged, let’s say with 2/3 HP remaining.

    At last, Lavaloon is a matchup where you usually don’t use Sparky during the entire match unless you struggle to reach the tower with the air support. Against Lavahound, unlike Golem, I usually place Goblin Giant on the back, a bit closer to the bridge to reach there way sooner than the Hound, and support it with minions or Megaminion. My deck already has way too much tools to defend Lavahound, specially with the help of Snowball (that’s why I prefer it over Zap, also because of Hog Riders and Rams). If they have lightning, I ensure to not use Megaminion and Ewiz to avoid giving him value.

    And that’s all the tips I can think about right now
  • State of Clash Royale relating to Article 13

    I didn’t read the full articles, but I’m sure anything related to making copyright more harsh is an HORRIBLE idea. The current copyright algorithms already struggles with Fair Use content, and if it was more restrictive, submitting fan content will be a true headache.

    Btw I also live in the EU so F for me
  • -1 level zap

    +2 or +3 level minion horde (I don't remember which one) survives two tower hits after being zapped instead of being 1 shot. Fireball/Poison + zap may not kill certain glass cannons, but that depends on the fireball/poison level as well.
    Also Ice golem + zap doesn't kill minions if underleveled.
  • Does Supercell Care About Clash Royale? Their Answer

    Tbh I didn't espected that the SC team had the last word in game decissions, I though, just as the guy that made the post that encouraged this answer by SC, that all those """""greedy""""" decisions were made from Tencent superiors.

    About the TT thing, I agree with SC. Players are being egoists when complaining about the new system without caring of the black market/fast progresion problems of the old system. They just need to talk with clanmates to make an agreement of what card request and give, instead of "hey nobody gave me my favourite epic card even if I offered gorgeous rage spells worst trade system ever lol". And then we have those who complain about lacking of TT, which is VERY absurd in my opinion, I mean, they are the guys that share screenshots with 30+ open trades in clans, how's that a lack of TT? No sense. As SC said, let's just wait until players get mature…

    About the f2p experience, their response doesn't convince me. The guy that made the overupvoted rant post pointed out a good point that didn't get a clear answer: how's the prize for getting 20 wins a simple lightning chest? The problem is not the "bonus" reward, is the free rewards! Global tournaments are basically GCs with no reentry and 4 defeats instead f 3 (and no chest at the end), and your best prize for f2players is a por lightning chest? As I said, SC just justified the bonus reward, but those free rewards are a jke for 20 wins.

    Anyway, I'm not angry with SC or anything like that. I'm loving the update, and I know they are not perfect, they are humans as us, and we all commit failures. It's just so easy to go there and leave yor rant full of insults while feeling like a boss because your identity is hidden…
  • [MEGATHREAD][Suggestion] December Balance Changes

    Read 100% ;)

    Before commenting the changes, I'd like to mention certain cards that I think should be adressed:

    Battleram: this card is way too dominant in the current control meta, I supose you didn't include it because you already nerfed/weaken rework other popular control cards such as Miner, PEKKA or Bandit. Anyway, I still think Battleram needs a nerf, since the strategy of big counterpush + ram & small support on the other lane is becoming so repetitive that is almost always predictable. Not gonna specify what kind of nerf anyway, I have my own nerf idea kept to the future :crsmirk:

    Barbarian Hut: I think this card has a similar problem to Rocket, in terms of a good value expensive building but spawns sooo slow and remains sooo much time that more like a hut feels like a giant rock that ocasionally spawns two blond guys. I think in order to make it more versatile it should get some kind of positive rework such as decreasing cost or spawn time with other thing to compensate.

    Archers: anyone would espect that Archers rates in GC are TRASH. I don't think they need a huge buff, but something to make them reliable again as a ranged swarmy troop.

    Now let's jump into the thread balance suggestions:

    1. X-Bow
    - Deploy time decreased to 2.5 sec from 3.5 sec
    - Lifetime decreased to 30 sec from 40 sec

    This is the change I was thinking to make X-Bow great again. My idea was to decrease time slightly less, 0.5 sec, but I think 1 sec is more reliable for players to shift into it and give the ultimate tower taker a try.

    2. Bomb Tower
    - Hitspeed decreased to 1.1 sec from 1.6 sec; DPS increased by 46%
    - Added blind range: 1 tile (Mortar's mechanic)

    I'm indecisive with this one. I don't know the huge DPS increase interactions, but seems too much. It may be better to also change the projectile as Bomber.

    3. Rocket
    - Radius decreased to 1.5 from 2 tiles
    - Projectile speed increased to Fireball speed

    I have a problem with this change. You pretend Rocket to be more useful in other decks appart from cycle, but reducing radius encourage using it more like a tower taker rather than for taking out other stuff, since less radius = less troops in it. I'd better decrease damage, so tower receives less damage but troops are not too afected since most of them are still 1HKO'd.

    1. Night Witch
    - Spawn rate increased to 9 sec from 7 sec
    - Death spawn increased to 4 from 2 Bats

    Agree. Current Night Witch's death spawn is a joke on defense. With 4 bats instead of 2, at least 1 of them sure will get 1 hit before all being killed by support.

    2. Lavahound
    - Size increased to 3x3 from 1x1, ex: Recruits take 8x1 tiles to deploy
    - Lavapups: Hitpoints increased by 6%; Damage increased by 37%

    It's an intelligent change, since lava hound now won't ignore common building placements, but lava pups death spawned are more dangerous. Balanced rework.

    1. PEKKA
    - Sight range increased to 6.5 from 5.5 tiles

    I'd prefer a nerf to her defensive capabilities, but this nerf is not a bad idea, making her easier to kite away from that annoying support (I'M LOOKING AT YOU DAMN EWIZ AND YOUR STUPID STUNS THAT MAKES MY HANDSOME PRINCE LOOK LIKE A PARAPLEGIC).

    2. Golem
    - Deploy time decreased to 2 from 3 sec
    - Golemmites: Hitpoints increased by 5%; Death damage knockback removed

    I think this change could be perfectly posible without the hitpoints increase. As a nerfproof card, Golem can be really a threat alone, unless you have a 4+ elixir building, with that enormous death damage. The deploy time reduction is also an intelligent change to equalise it with new Xbow deploy time.

    1. Bomber
    - Hitpoints increased by 5%
    - Projectile changed to Homing Projectile

    Full agree. I think the current inaccurate projectile is what makes this card a bad card.

    2. Executioner
    - Initial attack speed decreased to 0.7 sec; Hitspeed decreased to 2.2 from 2.4 sec; DPS increased by 9%

    This one took me by surprise. I find Executioner in a good spot right now, but if I needed to buff him to encourage Wiz users to use him, I wouldn't buff him that much for a card that already is a treat with nado. Just one of those 3 changes should be applied IMO.

    3. Goblins
    - Hitspeed decreased to 1 from 1.1 sec*
    *Affects Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel

    I'd agree, if GGang spawned two of each goblins. GGang shouldn't be buffed as the already veratile strong card it is.

    4. The Log
    - Projectile speed increased to Fireball speed
    5. Arrows
    - Projectile speed increased to Bullet speed

    Meh, maybe Arrows could receive well a speed buff, but Log is fine for me. Sure after the upcoming Barb Barrel nerf log will shine again. About Zap being the king of spells, that's true. So why not nerf Zap directly?

    6. Sparky
    - Added knockback effect to all units to Projectile: 1 tile

    In that case, the projectile mechanic should change so Sparky targets quite nearer to her the projectile. In that way, the knockback will always push troops away from her instead of randomly.

    1. Three Musketeers
    - Size increased to 3x3 from 1x1, as explained in Lavahound change above

    Despite I'll always think 3m should be different troops from muskies, this
    change is a good way to reduce 3m investment power. Even a deploy time increase could be applied correctly in this case.

    2. Elixir Collector
    - Deploy time increased to 3 from 1 sec

    Really good change. This hopefully nerf the annoying situations where opponent starts with pump and you have no counter in hand.

    3. Miner
    - Hitspeed increased to 1.4 sec; DPS decreased by 11%

    Increasing hit speed is already a total DPS nerf, so why 11% more? That % should be toned down, even if we are talking about the best legendary.

    4. Bandit
    - First attack speed removed when dashed on target

    Not sure if I understood this one. You mean she dashes and doesn't instahit the target, or simply you refer to the first attack after dashing?

    Who knows, maybe there's a new MEGATHREAD trend in these forums :crsmirk:

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