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  • [Art] Clown PEKKA skin idea


    We could name it K.R.U.S.T.Y
  • [Card Idea] Introducing: Low Placement Skill but High Risk Siege, "Fort Knight"

    You must be too passionate to still make long card idea threads even with the current innactivity, kuddos for that! :+1:

    I'm not going in depth with stats, but with the concept itself (anyway I feel like damage is quite low for such slow hitspeed, ut I didn't made the math so no detailed cmplains about that).

    I see this card as a weaker X-Bow with special goblin giant/ram rider mechanics, which makes it more or less theorically balanced (I think this is important because there are some card concepts that are theorically unbalanced and as a result they are hard to balance, such as Ebarbs).

    I have 1 (stupid) problem with it: how the heck does it look? Is just a regular tower with three floors with a dude in each one? Or is something different? Tbh I'd love to make a card image of it but I'm just a bit confused with its appearance :astonished:

    Another thing I'm not sure about is if all three ranges should have the same damage/hit speed, because maybe the card is "too" good on defense compared with other siege buildings. I imagine classic beatdown combo being relatively easily countered because range C targets the tank while range B and range C target the support. I think, in order to not encourage a too defensive playstyle with this card, A damage should be higher and B and C lower, specially B because it's the range that most likely Will target support.

    Nothing more to add, just thank you for keeping this fórum alive with great content! :+1:
  • [Comic] Made with MS Paint, Black and White: "EWiz Incoming!"

    I think it's fine with no colors. I think they would ruin the line style.
  • [Art] SC can I get a buff? PLEAAAASE?


    Btw this doodle is the first I made with my new Ipad instead of drawing it on physical paper first.

    Edit: seems like MA will be buffed in January since SC oficial acc responded with a yes in the Reddit thread
  • [Humour] Deck Archetypes in a Nutshell

    Posted here because contains swearing


    Some extra content:


    Enemy: Wow such skilless crap just place huts until building an impassable wall while infinite spam reaches my tower. Nerf to all huts please!!!

    Me: Huts require sooo much skill if opponent has splasher you are almost fucked up unless you play perfectly your spells and I must control my cycle to make sure I can defend punishments after placing the hut.

    Ebarbs rage

    Enemy: if the worst illness became a card then raged Ebarbs would be the result. Simply placing at the bridge overleveled crap + rage and just zap the defense for easy tower damage. Nerf Ebarbs or I'll stop playing SC!!!

    Me: … uum… I have no gold to use other decks OK?!

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