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I’d like to go back with idea posts, but this time it’s a brawler idea! I already have the concept that makes it unique, I just need to think on a cool look that fits with the unique mechanic


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Hello, fellow stalker! Nothing interesting here, right? Instead of wasting your time reading this do something more productive, such as checking out my threads...
  • EVERY average clan has THAT guy right?

    I though it was time to do one of these but CR themed :crsmirk:

  • Main screen

    Welcome to the forums! Please post your threads in the apropiate subforum, you can read forum rules in the sticky in the general discussion sub.

    Now about the thread itself, I agree with you, everything in a drop-down button looks confusing and less organized than before. I really hope SC reverts this UI change back in both CR and BS
  • [Suggestion] The Ladder-Friendly May Balance Changes

    Alright here goes the review:


    1. Arrows -> DISAGREE
    - Increase CT Damage to 42.5% from 36.5% (of total damage)
    - Increase Projectile speed

    Despite the buff idea is good on paper, it has the problem of not keeping spell stats similar to each other (which also happens with other suggestions here). It's a bit weird having all spells escept earthquake with 35% daage reduction, but then a common spell has more damage. I think we should follow the same balance filosophy as Seth to make realistic suggestions, so we should just keep the speed buff.
    An interesting alternative could be buffing its damage to make them more versatile, but also increasing Archers' HP so they don't die with new Arrows.

    2. Zappies -> AGREE
    - Faster First Attack Speed by 0.5 sec

    Just as you stated, the right direction to buff these guys is the same that SC took with MA. Maybe in a future we could see Barbs/Zappies fireball bait.

    3. Royal Recruits -> DISAGREE
    - Faster Hitspeed by 0.2 sec (from 1.3 to 1.1 sec; DPS +18%)
    - Increase Mass

    TOO MUCH. 18% is extreme, even for an apparently dead card, and I say apparently because I think RR is one of those cards that you rarely see, but when you see them, they wreck you if you lack of good answers. I'm fine with the mass increase, but by know let's leave their stats untouched, they are already decent with DPS, and a mass increase Will make them more viable against fast win cons.

    4. Tombstone -> DISAGREE
    - Faster Spawn Speed by 0.1 sec (Total Skeleton +1 if unharmed)
    - Increase Hitpoints by 10%

    The reason why Tombstone is not popular right now is because the deck where ir was used, Graveyard, is not too viable right now with poison 's popularity. Tombstone can be already annoying on defense without Poison, so I think it's better to nerf Poison a bit to bring back Graveyard to the meta.


    1. Royal Giant -> AGREE
    - Decrease Damage by 5.5%

    The change that probably all top players most desire. As a top tier win con, despite hab¡ving relatively low HP to be countered before shooting, the punish for damaging the tower is a bit too harsh. Maybe I'd also increase hit speed, so it's less probably to land more tan 1 hit when defending it a bit late. After all, he's suposed to work similar to Hog Rider when damaging the tower.

    2. Pekka & Mega Knight -> AGREE
    - Decrease Range to 0.75 tiles from 1.0 tiles
    - Remove the "range bug"

    It's a really original way to nerf these guys. A range decrease, appart from making them harder to reach their objective on offense, makes it easier for some cards such as Prince or Hunter to defend them, and the range bug also is an indirect buff to Tornado, which is a bit underused right now.

    3. Baby Dragon -> AGREE
    - Slower Hitspeed by 0.1 sec (DPS -5%)

    For me this card is a bit absurd, after I noticed that Megaminion cannot counter him without tower help, which IMO makes it too strong behind a tank, since other alternatives are ranged troops (which you are forced to place them almost on top of them, being exposed to the rest of the support) or another (pseudo)melee flying troop, which is minions, and you need to distract the dragon to leave them untouched. That's why I think this nerf is needed, but also I think we need another card similar to Megaminion against this fat guy and other dangerous flying cards such as Flying Machine.


    Witch -> DISAGREE
    - Remove death spawn Skeletons
    - Add ability to auto-summon Skeletons when Hitpoints is low enough (summons 3 skeletons, one time use)

    Honestly, I don't see the point of your suggestion. Appart from being more complex, it literally just moves the death spawn to low HP, which only affects when a ranged troop kills her and has another target near, so it cannot target the skellies. I also think that death damage is too annoying, but I think witch's rework should adress her annoying stuff, as RG.

    Witch is not too versatile because of low damage for 5 elixir, and it's a headache to deal with without a splasher because of her HP and constant spawn.
    I think the current sawn rate is fine, but HP is too much. It was initially increased to give more use to lightning, but it already found its use against other cards such as Edrag or Furnace/IT. So my proposal is to reduce her elixir cost to 4 while reducing her HP, just enough to be killed with Fireball + Zap. On this way, she'll be more versatile while being less annoying.

    Mortar -> DISAGREE
    - Add ability to highlight the unit it is targeting (the highlight can only be seen by the user, his or her 2v2 partner, and spectators)

    This is a bit too complex to implement as a common card. I think the current Mortar animation already gives enough hints to know what's targeting. Btw, I cannot confirm this is still a thing, but Mortar is a top tier card in high Ladder.

    I MISSED (appart from the cards I mentioned in some reviews):

    Dark Prince

    I think this guy should be an alternative for Valkyrie, but he doesn't offer too much advantages appart from charge. IMO his range should match with the Prince to make him more viable when defending.


    Currently, specially with new Earthquake, Pump rarelly cannot be countered. I think it should be able to show up again as the first card in deck rotation, and/or reduce its cost back to 5 elixir, for more versatility.


    I guess you didn't mentioned these guys because they are a pain to balance, but I had to mention them right? :/

  • I know it’s a meme, but it’s also a brawlstars fanart right? :/

  • What can I do appart from supercell games fanart?

    I don’t care if anybody has ever asked this, just wanted to share the rest of my works not related with supercell games :crsmirk:

    First of all, before getting my new ipad the only doodles I used to make appart from your requests was just random doodles in college notebooks, nothing impressive.
    However, after having access to digital doodling with the ipad, I started doodling more variety (not too much since I got it since last Christmas).

    Sooo, about other games not related to SC, the only thing I made was this background for a college poster:


    Now, if we talk about my own creations, I have these three things:

    Viscous dude






    Nothing more to share by now, hope you liked it.

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