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Just noticed I already have more tan 200 awesomes… Thanks a lot to every single one that gived an awesome to a thread from mine, you are who still encourages me to submit content here!


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Hello, fellow stalker! Nothing interesting here, right? Instead of wasting your time reading this do something more productive, such as checking out my threads...
  • What can I do appart from supercell games fanart?

    I don’t care if anybody has ever asked this, just wanted to share the rest of my works not related with supercell games :crsmirk:

    First of all, before getting my new ipad the only doodles I used to make appart from your requests was just random doodles in college notebooks, nothing impressive.
    However, after having access to digital doodling with the ipad, I started doodling more variety (not too much since I got it since last Christmas).

    Sooo, about other games not related to SC, the only thing I made was this background for a college poster:


    Now, if we talk about my own creations, I have these three things:

    Viscous dude






    Nothing more to share by now, hope you liked it.
  • Card Balance Suggestions (February 2019)

    Goblin Giant: Hitpoints +2%
    I think the main reason Shrek remains underused is because of PEKKA dominance in meta. While Golem is tanky enough to still reach the tower and Giant cheap enough to be paired with solid support, Shrek has higher elixir cost and less HP than Giant, a middle point that PEKKA decks punish too hard. Despite that, Shrek has proved to be a good card, having the highest winrate in GC. Because of that, I still think is too soon to buff Shrek. We should wait until PEKKA is not top tier and see what happens.

    Arrows: Radius 4 → 4.5
    Despite I think Arrows need a buff, IMO damage should be increased instead of range. The benefits of increasing damage are better than increasing range: being abke to kill higher level Minions and be usable against non swarmy cards.

    Barbarian Barrel: Range 5 → 4.5
    As the highest usage rate AND ONE OF THE HIGHEST WIN RATE card, the Nerf should be more harsh. Appart from decreasing range, deploy time and/or the barbarian himself should be nerfed as well to cut down all that winrate IMO. Also even less range could work.

    Miner: Deploy time 1sec → 1.2sec, Damage +2.5%
    Completely agree. No conplains.

    Barbarians: Spawn radius 0 → 1
    I don't think this will encourage playera to use Barbs, but it's a step on the right direction to make them viable. IMO they need some kind of rework such as count increase with stats nerf to compensate.

    Elite Barbarians: Deploy Time 1sec → 2sec, damage +10%
    This is one if those cards that, as old RG, need a removal of annoying factor to make them healthy. I think this change could work just tenporaly, since the dame thing was applied to RG a while ago and still made him annoying. I like the idea of increasing the reaction time, but maybe speed decrease could work better, so they have no disadvantage on defense.

    Bandit: Hitpoints -4%
    I think the same thing as BB: not enough. Her rates are way too good for only 4%.

    Three Musketeers: Cost 10 → 9, deploy time 1sec → 2sec
    Maybe it's too soon to already revert the last nerf. I think before that we should try to experiment with current 10 elixir muskies more and leave this change as a last resource.

    Those were my thoughs

    Welcome back btw

  • D1Nonline's Re:Work Directory V.2

    Pro tip: if you remove #latest from the link it will directly go to the thread itself instead of the last comment
  • [OFFICIAL] Supercell discusses the balance of the Wall Breakers

    I stickied and added the oficial tag to this discussion.

    I agree with Seth's explanations about why shouldn't they have death damage. But that doesn't solve the problem: the card is clearly weak. It lacks of defensive usage and on offense they are really easy to stop unless they go with a tank (which wastes their speed potential) or with miner (which is not a worthy combo, since for the same elixir or less there are wayyy better cards to pair with Miner with better results, such as Minions or Goblin Gang).

    IMO, it's ok that Wall Breakers lack of defensive potential, but I think they should be more threatening on offense. Death damage could help, but as Seth explained we all would use the card as mini giant skeletons. If we need them to be able to knock out near swarm we don't need death damage, since we can use what we already have.

    My proposal is to buff WB's attack radius. This would let them take out near swarm or seriously damage glass cannons after reaching a building. Also, a buff to the time they take to explode once they reach the building would make them easier to not die just before exploding. With this change, despite the combo problems are still not completely solved, we can make sure they can do something appart from just deal damage to towers.

    What do you think?
  • Say hello to your new mod, the one eyed dude!

    Soooo I joined the ban hammer squad! Let’s see how many time I survive being active and banning bots :crsmirk:

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