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  • [Art] Clown PEKKA skin idea


    We could name it K.R.U.S.T.Y
  • [Art] Post-Battle Nap (v. Goblin Giant)


    What do Clash Royale troops do after the battle? I pretend to make this a series, starting with my favourite win condition.
  • [MEGATHREAD] The "Noob" Archetype and why is it as it is

    How to get rid of the Noob Archetype?

    This is a reaaaaaaaaally hard question to answer. Almost imposible. But I’ll try my best anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    First, a measure has already been applied this year. The card distribution per arena has changed to give newbies more possibilities appart from what I described in the previous point. Special mention to Ebarbs being moved to Hog Mountain, next to Royal Ghost and Megaknight and not "too early" to players. That's a good start.
    I discarded an Ebarb rework because despite Ebarbs is the most identifying card for a noob, turning them into something different from the noob ideal, apart from being too hard, that wouldn’t trash the full noob archetype.
    Maybe nerfing the stat increase per level could work toning down overleveling, but still doesn’t convince me as a measure that could tell noobs to change their deck and playstyle.
    Changing matchmaking so overleveled noobs only fight against other overleveled noobs doesn’t convince me for the same reasons as the previous suggestion, but it’s even worse because that would eliminate one of the key incentives to progress and buy in the game.
    Awww man, this is even harder than I though…

    Alright, seems like simple and medium solutions won’t work. Let’s get CRAZY. HARSH. LET’S MAKE NOOBS SUFFER (insert evil laugh with hell background and heavy metal here).
    My EXTREME measure to DESTROY the Noob archetype, is to NERF TO THE GROUND ALL the cards that form part of the Noob Archetype, SO HARD that all those cards will be LITERALLY LITERALLY UMPLAYABLE (not a typo) until noobs TRASH all their noob decks and are FORCED to use other archetypes!!!!!111!!!!
    Ok maybe that’s too ideal, but WOULDN’T IT BE FANTASTIC IF IT BECAME TRUE??!!

    Here’s where you should turn out that heavy metal btw…

    Soooo nothing much to say. I’d be really surprised if somebody has enough patience to read the FULL thread. I made my effort so the thread is understandable reading only the bold stuff, but if you still missed something, I won’t obligate you to go there and search more carefully your answer upon the massive sea of the thread, I’ll clear that short enough to respect your time. But seriously, comment something even if it’s stupid, feedback is appreciated.
    Have a nice day! :)
  • [MEGATHREAD] The "Noob" Archetype and why is it as it is

    Note: I'm not saying that playing these cards makes you a noob, I mean that these cards are the most popular between bad players, so please don't get offended if I mention a card that you love here :)

    TLDR: read the bold stuff

    The thread is so big that is divided in this post and some reply post.

    Table of contents

    Sooooo... today we are taking a look to (what I call) the Noob Archetype!


    In this thread, I will analyse the most popular cards used by noob players and try to determine why are those cards prefered over the rest.

    Note 2: in this thread, I’ll use the term “overleveling” referring to level 12/13 cards against level 9/10/11 cards matchups, so PLEASE avoid commenting “overleveling doesn’t exist because there are no level 15 cards duh”. Better comment something about the content itself right? ;)
  • Important Links (WIP)

    Linking R*ddit? RAISE THE TORCHES! BURN HIM!!!!!!!111!!!!111

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