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  • What can I do appart from supercell games fanart?

    Ayy, I'm still waitin for more. I remember the third from a long time ago (second if you don't include the college poster)

    I'd love to see more of this! definitely got a unique style to your work which makes it all the more interesting.
  • Pancake & Partners Art Competition

    Pancake & Partners is a growing art community mostly based from the Supercell Clash Royale community.

    Just recently we decided to hold an art competition to make a server logo for Pancake & Partners like we did almost a year ago. The winner will receive the Lead Artist role and will work alongside the staff team to support the artistic community.

    This is the current server logo, which will soon be replaced by the winner of this competition!

    Alright, so we have about 12 submissions it seems and so the voting rules are as follows:
    1. If you submitted a logo, you may not vote for your own
    2. You are not required to vote if you submitted
    3. You may not tell others which submission was yours
    4. You must vote for two submissions and only two
    5. Submit your votes in the comments
    Now, those are all the rules, now for the submissions:

    Submission 1 :trollface:

    Submission 2

    Submission 3

    Submission 4

    Submission 5

    Submission 6

    Submission 7 :trollface:

    Submission 8

    Submission 9

    Submission 10

    Submission 11

    Here's a submission I sadly forgot, as it was one of the first submissions I got. Though it being on real paper puts it into question, it's really good and has earned it's place on the list:

    Submission 12


    Let the voting begin! (Yes some are trolls but they insisted :crsmirk:)

    Don't forget to come join us in the Pancake and Partners server here:
  • [Card Idea] The Fog (The Cheap spell we need?)

    ferrell34 wrote: »
    I like it... the ultimate balance to X-bow! haha! die!

    Blindness effect would really improve the hunter actually... that could really work against you.

    I'll review stats later... 2:34 AM, can't think.

    Glad that you like it! I knew that Hunter would be benefit by Blind, a little drawback for The Fog doesn't hurt, right? @EnderHunter8

    Yeah true, it's the ultimate balance to the fog lol.

    Okay, so I just reviewed it, and it's basically like a log fused with a poison spell if I read it right, which all in all, is absolutely fantastic. But I do notice that it's a Rare, and at tournament standard does exactly the same damage as a poison spell, which is epic.

    The Fog has 2 features that make that a little bit unbalanced, while poison just deals area damage over a small amount of time. The fog on the other hand, does the same amount of damage, is rare, fumbles across the field for a short while, and reduces the range of troops. I sense a bit of a lack of balance with that, being a rare doing more than a Epic.

    Concept, fantastic, generally well balanced, but the slight fact that it beats out the poison spell as a rare card seems to cause problems in my mind, other than that, it's great!
  • Replay-An Epic Card Concept for Electro Valley

    ferrell34 wrote: »
    He never ends up using his reserved post for feed back XD it'll be 8 months and there's nothing

    Never is not the total correct word i'd say, very often would be more fitting (well, it's 2 words but please let this one slide). Tbh, i consider this quite a personal attack (although it's true) i hope this kind of statement doesn't appear anywhere except in my wall or private messages. Thank you for your attention :smile: @EnderHunter8 .

    @AlphaOmega , maybe, but at least that post is reserved (although i might come back and bring this thread up to inform you, making the reserved post almost useless, p.s. not talking about me being beneficial).

    Ah, my apologies, I meant no offense. It's just from my personal experience I haven't actually seen your reserved posts to be used, again, sorry didn't mean to offend you.
  • New Card Concept: Automaton -- The Troop With a Barrier

    Table of Contents


    The Concept





    Hey everyone! I’ve been part of the CR community for a while, mostly doing I&FR. A lot of the forumers from the old CR forums who did I&FR probably remember me. Though I have been inactive, I haven’t completely forgotten about the forums, and I’ve come back to present this card idea, the Automaton!

    This card idea was based off the Greek Automaton named Talos, which was made to protect the goddess Europa from pirates and invaders, and it would have “circled the island’s shores 3 times daily.” The idea had a good start from just seeing Talos from the Wikipedia. It was going to be a defensive card that would patrol basically, but I got stuck for a bit. I talked with MrPancakeGuy and we finally came up with what exactly it would do.

    So me and Pancake proudly present: The Automaton!

    (spell check done by MrPancakeGuy)

    The Concept

    The Automaton is a very defensive card, while most troops walk over to the nearest building, and buildings just sit in place, the Automaton is more something in between. The Automaton will be able to walk around a 4x4 tile area, but cannot move out of this 4x4 tile area, though still being a troop.
    The Automaton is also only melee, and will only damage one troop at a time, but it will deal about the same damage as a Mini P.E.K.K.A and will also be a fairly heavy tank, making it an excellent defense, that being it's main purpose.





    The Automaton is very capable of completely shutting down an opponent’s push, especially when it comes to tank cards like the giant. The main focus of the Automaton is to shut down the tank in a push.
    While the Automaton may be mostly used to deal some heavy damage to a big push, it can also be used very well for stalling to gain elixir, and doing a good hit for your next counter push.
    Though the Automaton is primarily defensive, he can also be used to support a push. If you’re having trouble getting your troops past a certain point, you can put the Automaton at the edge of the bridge when troops are within his range, then he can take some hits as a tank while your army comes across.


    With the Automaton’s 4x4 range, it makes it very hard for it to attack ranged troops, as most have 5 tile range or more. The Musketeer would be one of the ideal cards to chip away the Automatons HP.
    The Automaton only does damage to one troop at a time, swarming it with troops will do the trick, cards like the Skeleton army, or even the Goblin gang can either destroy, or deal heavy damage to it.
    Though the Automaton can do heavy damage to tanks, it still can be bested by its strength, sending an army down with a tank and Musketeer can do some damage still, though you will most likely lose your tank through the push.

    (if you have another idea for how this card can be used, let me know! I might add it to the list)

    Whether it’s just taking a couple hits to hold of the enemy so you can get your elixir up, or to eliminate an enemy push, the Automaton is one of the best troops to go for as a heavy defense.

    It has been a very long time since I put up a card idea, or any thread for that matter, and I’m glad to say I’ll be around for this upcoming CIT event and also a few more things to bring I&FR back to its former self.

    Thanks for reading and make sure you let me know what you think!

    Oh yeah, april fools, this entire thread was a joke :crsmirk:

    MrPancakeGuy “Like a buffed Mini pekka tied to a tree”

    KingBencent: “It’s like a Medium P.E.K.K.A Glued to the floor”


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