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  • Clash Royale Clan Manager

    I use the tool. But our clan is relatively stable and I don't have to kick people very often. Promotions are also very seldom. So I log into the manager once a month.
    It has useful information and also graphics inside! After season reset there is a huge drop in the Clan Trophies!
  • Looking for Active Clan

    I think you shall look into the clan advertisements and choose a clan that you like (I bumped my discussion immediately).
    Because one never knows how long you will search and it's most likely that an offer is already unnecessary because you have joined a clan.
  • Did something change..

    I notice this bug of playing the wrong card too. But not often, maybe once a week or less.
    I never watched the replay. I always blame myself. Often I wanted to play one card, then I have to change very quick to react on the opponents move. And I guess I don't press hard enough to activate the new card or I only change the card in my imagination and because of stress set the wrong card or activation and placment of the card is too quick for the software to recognize.
    Next time I try to watch the replay!
  • The BROKEN CONCEPT Behind Draft

    Draft can be fun but the entrance fee with 100 gems was too high. Or good for SC, they forced me to buy the new years offer! Maybe I played it 20 times. My highest win was only 10 and very strange at the beginning of the challenge, I am really disappointed. Nearly I got 11 wins that would be my personal best. Maybe after playing too long, all the choices lead to a total confusion and I get so excited that I always chose the wrong cards.
    I think it's really a skill matter to chose wisely. I could often win 5:0 then I had 3 losses in a row. I often got 3 crown wins at the beginning matches. So opponents often gave me good cards and I could easily win. But the more wins the better opponents will be. So after 5 wins one get only bad cards or cards that won't help. Games get very tight and you need a good concentration or I need a mental trainer!!!!
    And I think there are certain cards for one match. If you get a building to chose, your opponent will have a building too. So it's not wise to send out your golem immediately. But in the end I often get so afraid, I never use the golem and lose. But for sure a golem player knows how to win! Or the example above you can kite a Pekka with your Giant and hit the Pekka with the Magic Archer too. It's possibe to win! Now I think there is a possibilty or a pattern to guess what kind of match it will be after you see the first card choices. I am not skilled enough to find this pattern, but I hope to improve for the next draft challenge.

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