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From Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Clash Royale Clan Manager

    I saw a post with a Clan manager that costs some money. In the German forum a member created a manager too as a private project.
    I registered there, it seems to work but I am still a bit confused if all Data is available to manage the clan. I think he continues to develop the manager but there is no guarantee how long it will be supported.

    If you like you can check the homepage, maybe you like it! Here is the link:
  • Did Clash Royale forget about Christmas?

    The same comment is on the German Clash forum. I am confused. Here is no advertisement. What is the sense of those comments??????
  • Did Clash Royale forget about Christmas?

    Merry X-mas for you too. They had the advent calendar, so we got every day a small present. But no real X-mas Gift. The X-mas global challenge is something special and it's double elixir mode. So it's an interesting game today.
    The donations in the last card release ram rider challenge have been very good too.
    My feeling is different, I am very pleased with the things I get from Supercell.
  • K.O. challenge

    MasterCal wrote: »
    Loon freeze works really well

    Thanks thanks thanks.
    I got the 9 wins in the second or third try.
    I used:
    Furnace / Balloon / Wizard / Lumberjack
    Valkyrie / Freeze / Arrows / Electro-Wizard

    At the beginning I was too offensive, one has to look a bit what the opponent plays and keep cool, don't overextend.
    Against Mega Knight it's difficult but possible. There are some hog decks too. I never had a graveyard. I think there were 2 Golem players.
    It was always best to defend and to attack at the same line. If I counter attacked the empty line or started my attack at the wrong line I didn't get much tower damage. I had to rethink and throw all in at one line. Defend and start my own attack with the remaining troops.

    Good luck for you!

  • chance to get a trade token

    I got some information about the probability to get a trade token after the clan war.
    It's a 1 to 10 chance. If you get one token the chances are as follows to get

    40% legendary Token
    30% Epic Token
    20% Rare Token
    10% Common Token

    I hope you find this information interesting.
    Clash on and my best wishes

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