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  • [ONE AND ONLY] April 2019 Update Thread

    The next CR update is right around the corner, and I will continue to add info as soon as I can see it. Leave your speculations, guesses, thoughts, etc. below! The hype is real.

    What we know about the update

    -New UI {WHWBUT, March 22}
    -New card(s) {WHWBUT, March 22}
    -Streamlined Ladder progression system {WHWBUT, April 5}
    -New game modes {WHWBUT, April 5}
    -More Star Levels {Reddit comment reply}
    -See when your clan members were last online {Reddit comment reply}
    -TV Royale on Sunday {Twitter}
    -Earthquake Spell? {Twitter}

    What is not coming?

    -Clan wars overhaul {WHWBUT, April 5}
    -See through text {Reddit comment reply}

    Images from SC

    TV Royale Episode

    Trophy Road Rewards

    This is very similar to Brawl Stars' trophy road, where you gain rewards once you hit a certain trophy level. They are pretty lucrative, for example once you hit 4K you get multiple guaranteed legendaries.

    4K+ Ladder

    There are now "Trophy Gates." You cannot drop lower (either intentionally or by tilting) than the most recent arena you are at, meaning you are virtually guaranteed to move up in trophies. Also, in Leagues, you lose a lot less trophies for losses, like maybe 8 for a loss, especially earlier in the leagues. The season draft chest has been removed. However, you can continuously earn the trophy road prizes each season even if you earned them last season, so you can potentially get double the rewards the draft chest offered.

    New Game Modes

    Elixir Capture: There are two one-elixir droplets on the bridges that appear every 30 seconds, collect them by running them over with a troop to gain one elixir. There is also an Elixir Storage that stores two elixir spawning on the river It has HP, and whoever destroys the Storage first gains the two elixir. Appears more often in 2x and 3x Elixir

    Mega Deck: Build a deck with 18 cards. Less reliance on one card or counter. Elixir accumulates a little faster

    Dragon Egg: Similar to Elixir Capture, there is a dragon's egg that spawns in the middle of the river. Whoever destroys it first gains a random dragon (Baby, Inferno, or Electro)

    New Card

    Earthquake is a three cost spell. It only damages buildings and ground troops. Like in Clash of Clans, it does 400% damage to buildings. It hard counters Elixir Collector (only collects one elixir) and severely damages Furnace too.

    Various other changes

    -More star levels, including for Rocket and Goblin Hut
    -Be notified in-game of live eSports matches in CR News eSports tab
    -Emotes that cannot be bought in the shop with gems, like the 3rd anniversary emotes, have a legendary border around them.
    -Card artwork redesigns (Tesla, Mortar, Goblin Hut
    -Reorganization of the Home tab (Global tournaments under special events)
    -2v2 overtime now is 3 minutes
    -Supercell ID 2.0 (to be shared later)
    -Chest timer boost when reaching a new arena/league
  • Guide on Using the Text Editor

    This guide is intended to show how the text editor works, and what the different functions are.


    Above I have a picture of the text editor, which is right above the text box. You'll see it when starting a new thread or replying to a thread. Basically, clicking on one of the buttons will place a BB code into your thread, and you can make your post have all sorts of special formats and effects.

    I will go from left to right, starting with Bold and ending with Expand.


    Clicking on the "B" enables the Bold BB code. Simply type what you want in Bold between the Bold BB Code.


    Clicking on the slanted "I" enables the Italics BB code. Like Bold, type in what you want italicized within the italics BB code


    Clicking on the "S" with the line through it enables the strikethrough BB code. Use this code if you want to cross something out for humorous intent or some other reason. Like the above, type within the given BB Code

    Number List

    Clicking the three lines with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the right enables the numerical list thread.
    1. Put this BB code at the top of the number list
    2. Put the list in the asterisks, each asterisk corresponds with a number
    3. End the numerical list with

    Bullet Point List

    Very similar to the numerical list, except with bullet points instead of numbers. The code is very similar as well, except it starts with "list" instead of "list=1"

    Quote, Code, & Spoiler
    Clicking the paragraph drop down reveals three options. Quote is if you want to enclose what someone said in a format. It helps when breaking someone's post into several parts to respond individually to it.
    Code is for if you want to show how to do something, and any 
    BB codes are disabled inside of it.

    Spoiler is if you want to hide something, and people have to click the "Show" button to see what you wrote.
    Zygarde asked me to make this guide :crsmirk:


    Enough said :crsmirk: Nah just kidding, I need to show the rest of the emotes! :trollface:

    You've already seen the Smirk from the Supercell forums and the troll face. Here are the rest
    • Smiley :)
    • Big-eyed Smiley =)
    • Wink ;)
    • Sad :/
    • Gasp/mouth drop :o
    • Confused :s
    • Sticking out tongue :p
    • Crying tears :'(
    • Cool B)
    • Thinking :thinking:
    • Blushing :3

    There are others, but they are not under the Emoji tab on the Text Editor


    The button with the two links being connected will show
    and then you have to put in a web address. This allows you to post a link people can actually click on.

    Photo Uploader

    Clicking the page icon allows you to upload a picture from the Internet or from your device right onto your post without having to upload to a third party image hosting site like Imgur or Postimage. Below is a picture back from the old days of 2v2 (when it was weekend Clan Battles)


    Left, Center, Right
    Clicking any of these changes the position of where you type your text. The default is left, so don't use the left code unless absolutely necessary.


    Clicking the two arrows will expand the text screen into a "Full screen."

    Well, that's all for the text editor! Cheers that it is back :crsmirk:
  • Reporting Posts... How YOU Can Make a Difference!

    Subforums with Special Rules

    Some subforums have special rules or exceptions to the Main Forum Rules. It is expected that you become familiar with these modifications to avoid being confused or breaking rules unintentionally. It is expected that all other Main Forum Rules apply to a subforum unless explicitly defined.

    Clan Chat

    In Clan Chat, you are allowed to bump your clan's recruitment thread every 24 hours. It must be 24 hours from the previous bump. Bumping sooner than that will result in the post being deleted and a warning. Consistently breaking this rule may lead to the recruitment thread to be closed and stricter warnings/bans. Flag those posts as "excessive bumping"

    Each clan may only have ONE recruitment thread. This falls under the "repeated posting" rule. Posting multiple recruitment threads will result in all but one of the threads (usually the first one) to be deleted, and an infraction. Further repeated posting will result in stricter punishments. Flag those posts as "repeated posting." If about 3+ months have passed since the clan recruitment thread was last bumped, a new thread may be created without breaking the rules, as long as the old one isn't bumped any longer.

    You may not advertise your clan in another clan's recruitment thread. Only post in another thread if the OP is looking for a clan. Advertising your clan in another clan's thread will result in the post being deleted, and an infraction. Flag those posts as "advertising in another clan's thread"


    The RAGE! subforum permits swearing and ranting on these forums. They are a place to vent your anger and rage without receiving an infraction. However, there are lines drawn that cannot be crossed in RAGE.

    Swearing directed at a person/group of people is not allowed. Similarly, toxicity (as defined in Rule 1), personal attacks, and innapropriate content (besides swearing) are not allowed in RAGE! Flag those posts as "toxic posts" or "personal attacks"

    And swearing is not allowed in the titles of RAGE! threads.

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