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  • F for sweet victory

    Ah I get what you mean. Interesting transition from Levine to Travis Scott. Never would've guessed that Sicko Mode would be played :crsmirk:
  • MasterCal's {Moderator} AMA

    Giorgakis wrote: »
    The questions king is back. Yeah!

    Which is your favorite gamemode (Draft, Rage, Double Elixir etc)
    Do you think that the Giant Skeleton is underrated
    A little, especially on defense
    Should I run a gimmicky deck in my 0 trophies account
    Do you know any languages, aside for English and your mother language
    Not really
    How would you react if you were in prison
    Probably angry unless what I did legitimately deserved prison
    Should I spread the 8 Titans polytheism to Reddit
    Go ahead
    Do you like the current UI of the Forum
    Yeah it's cool
    Do you like my card ideas
    Some of them
    Would you like to break a record in the Forum Hall of Fame
    Should I ask myself the same questions that I asked you
    If you want

    Answers in bold
  • Card Idea: Ghost

    Looks like Gloin from The Hobbit
  • Balance Update Live (10/1) - Royal Giant, Goblin Giant, Ice Wizard, and more.

    And I was going to publish my RG rework idea today...

    You could tackle EBarbs, I don't think SC is gonna touch them this patch
  • Balance Update Live (10/1) - Royal Giant, Goblin Giant, Ice Wizard, and more.

    Note: These changes are not live yet! They're coming on 10/1.

    The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting, listening to the community and looking at the stats. You can expect monthly balance updates to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

    In this balance update we're taking a look at Royal Giant, Goblin Giant, Ice Wizard and more!

    Watch the quick-look video​​!

    Royal Giant: Range shorter 6.5 -> 5.0, Damage +60%, Deploy Time quicker 2sec -> 1sec
    Watch our video explaining this change! Royal Giant has been strong on the ladder but underwhelming at tournament standards. We wanted to address his core design to make him equally viable wherever you play him. The problem with Royal Giant is that he locks onto Towers very quickly, which feels unstoppable when he is a higher level.

    We felt that in order to give him the stats he deserves, we needed to shorten his range so defenders have time to get their damage in before he begins to shoot. In exchange, each shot will be much more impactful. Now there is a larger window to counter him, but his cannon is truly worthy of the Royal title!

    Goblin Giant: Hitpoints +6%
    The newest card in the Arena has been a bit more fragile than the goblins wanted from their champion. A few more burgers in his belly should make him able to withstand more hits and get his greasy hands on the Tower.

    Bomb Tower: Area Damage +5%
    We wanted Bomb Tower to be a bit more effective overall, this damage buff will allow it to take out Goblins one level higher. Another option for hunting down Royal Hogs and Goblin Gangs!

    Goblin Hut: Spawn Speed quicker 5sec -> 4.7sec
    Goblin Hut has struggled since the rework to Spear Goblins a few months back. We like that a shorter lifespan prevents it from flooding the Arena, but hopefully one more Goblin will allow it to be more effective while its up and running.

    Skeleton Army: Skeleton Count increased 14 -> 15
    Larry, Harry, Jerry, Terry, Mary, Barry, Cherry, Karrie, Faerie, Scary, Sherry, Gary, McClary, and Huckleberry have invited their good friend Doot to their Halloween party.

    Barbarian Barrel: Barrel rolls faster, Barbarian jumps out quicker
    After being reduced to 2-Cost we saw Barbarian Barrel’s win rate pick up, but it’s still not a common alternative to the most popular Spells. Some quality of life changes to make it faster rolling and a spring-loaded Barbarian should make it feel more Log-like.

    Snowball: Slowdown Duration longer 2sec -> 2.5sec, Area Damage +10%
    The half-second stun effect of Zap has been very popular in Clash Royale, partially because Slow effects haven’t been long enough to create enough of an alternative. Increasing the damage and Slow duration of Snowball should make it a more viable choice, especially for Miner decks!

    Ice Wizard: Slowdown Duration longer 2sec -> 2.5sec
    You voted for this one! Electro Wizard has been the preferred Wizard for crowd control for a long time. In a matchup of Electro vs. Ice Wizards, the stun lasted long enough to break the Slow effect. A longer Slow will allow it stay applied even if Ice Wizard gets stunned or knocked back.

    Other changes:

    Bugfix: Spell Damage immunity reverted
    In the last update we made a change to combat logic to make Towers redirect their attacks to support troops when cards like Golem, Lava Hound, and Skeleton Barrel are defeated. This introduced a short damage immunity that we are reverting, and the logic will be fixed permanently in the next client update.

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